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AI photo sorter – Organize your photos using the power of neural networks

“Discover a user-friendly web application that helps you organize your photo collection securely and efficiently. Create custom classes, sort your photos, and eliminate duplicates with the power of neural networks, all while keeping your data safe on your own computer. Embrace simplicity, privacy, and a seamless photo management experience with this app. How it works:

  • Set the power of the AI and initialize it. The power controls how many CPU cores will be used to process the images. The more cores you have, the faster the processing will be. Important – on the very first run, the AI will download the model, it may take some time depending on your internet connection.
  • Load the photos. Just drag and drop them into the box or click on it. Important – the photos are not uploaded anywhere, they are processed locally on your computer .
  • Set the names of the classes. You can scroll the photos to come up with the initial list. You can always refine the classes later.
  • Click on the “Process” button. The AI will process the photos and sort them into classes. It will also find duplicates and group them.
  • Review the results. You can mark the photos you don’t want to keep for deletion. You can also rename/add/delete the classes and re-run the processing.
  • When you are done, click on the “Generate script” button. It will generate a script that you can run on your computer to delete the unwanted photos and move the rest into the appropriate folders. Important – the script assumes that all the photos are in the same folder. If you have them in different folders, you will need to modify the script…”

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