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AI eye checks can predict heart disease risk in less than minute, finds study

The Guardian – “An artificial intelligence tool that scans eyes can accurately predict a person’s risk of heart disease in less than a minute, researchers say.The breakthrough could enable ophthalmologists and other health workers to carry out cardiovascular screening on the high street using a camera – without the need for blood tests or blood pressure checks – according to the world’s largest study of its kind. Researchers found AI-enabled imaging of the retina’s veins and arteries can specify the risk of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular death and stroke. They say the results could open the door to a highly effective, non-invasive test becoming available for people at medium to high risk of heart disease that does not have to be done in a clinic. Their findings were published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology….“In a linked editorial, Dr Ify Mordi and Prof Emanuele Trucco, of the University of Dundee, who were not involved with the study, said the idea of AI eye checks for heart health was “certainly attractive and intuitive”. They added: “The results strengthen the evidence from several similar studies that the retina can be a useful and potentially disruptive source of information for CVD risk in personalised medicine.”

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