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A People’s Archive of Sinking and Melting

A PEOPLE’S ARCHIVE OF SINKING AND MELTING is a growing collection of items contributed from places that may disappear owing to the combined physical, political, and economic impacts of climate change, including glacial melting, sea level rise, coastal erosion, and desertification.

  • THE CONTRIBUTED MATERIALS together form an archive of the future anterior; what will have been. A contribution doesn’t have to originate from a location – it can be anything that happens to be there, including detritus, flotsam or jetsam.
  • THE ARCHIVE’S CONTRIBUTIONS are organized into “common but differentiated” collections, sorted by the nation an item was contributed from and framed by its United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Annex Party classification, which “divides countries…according to differing commitments.”
  • AS OF 2021 the archive contains contributions from Anvers Island (Antarctica), Australia, Cape Verde, Santiago de Cuba, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Venice (italy), Kivalina (Alaska), Mexico, Nepal, Miami (USA), New Orleans (USA), New York City (USA), Panama, Peru, Republic of Komi (Russia), California (USA), Senegal, Trinidad and Tobago, and Tuvalu…”

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