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A new tool to help governments with climate data

“To provide a starting point, our organisation, the Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE), has developed a new tool to help governments and their partners identify the kinds of data that may be most useful for climate action. The Climate Data for Adaptation and Resilience Typology (DART), which has just been published, describes more than 50 types of essential data in an easily searchable, sortable format. Anyone can now access and use a brief description of the Climate DART, a User Guide and the DART itself under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 license. The Climate DART draws on several existing data-focused initiatives, including the UN Statistical Division Global Set of Climate Change Statistics and Indicators, the Sendai Framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to support climate action around the world. It covers over a dozen focus areas relevant to climate, including:

  • Climate change adaptation policies and plan
  • Climate change public awareness
  • Ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Energy
  • Food security
  • Freshwater resources
  • Health systems
  • Heat and temperature
  • Infrastructure
  • Land and agriculture
  • Population
  • Risk management and disaster preparedness
  • Waste management
  • Weather and climate monitoring

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