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A free, public database of virtual power plants in the United States

Jim Moran – VPP Data: “The public database of U.S. VPPs is available here. Background – The goal of this database is to track all Virtual Power Plant (VPP) activity in the United States – all planned, active and ended pilots and programs and their VPP software platforms, trade allies, and incentives offered. The key question I want to answer is: what are the earnings available to battery buyers who enroll into VPP programs? I believe this is the most important issue because the faster the payback period on a new battery, the better the investment case, and the more batteries that will be purchased and enrolled into VPP programs.  The public database is available in Google Sheets here.  I compiled this data from utility websites, press releases and regulatory filings in October 2023. Note: this is an early draft and an incomplete list of programs. I’m releasing it now to gather feedback and refine the process for identifying and classifying VPPs…”

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