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7 of the Best Sites to Sell Basically Anything

Lifehacker: “Is your closet brimming with stuff you don’t wear anymore? Maybe your shelves are overflowing with knick-knacks that seemed a good idea at the time, but now only trigger an existential crisis? Maybe you just need money, fast (you know why)? Whatever your reason, it’s probably time to simplify your life and sell some stuff online. But where? Long gone are the days when eBay was the only URL you needed to know, and Amazon Marketplace is cut-throat and filled with scammers. Now, it’s better to go niche—and whether you’re selling hand-knitted socks or old video games, there’s a website to help you do it. These are our recommendations for the best options around, based on whatever you’re selling. (But before we get started, it’s worth keeping in mind the universal laws of selling: Take good photos, research the best keywords, and set a realistic price.)…”

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