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6 Useful Website Speed Test Tools to Find out How Fast Your Site Loads

make tech easier – “Improving the loading speed of your website can have a dramatic effect on the success of your site. Faster loading times improve user experience, SEO rankings, conversion rates, time on site, lower bounce rates, and increase engagement. You can check the speed of your site using Website Speed Test Tools. These tools analyze items such as testing Time to First Byte or the time it takes for a browser to start receiving information. They also check total load times, page sizes, and the number of requests. These tools identify scripts, fonts, and plugins that cause load time issues (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) and large images that create bottlenecks. Note: when you use a website speed test for the first time, the DNS lookup time will usually be slower. It may be beneficial for you to run the tests multiple times and use the average of the results. Here are some free tools you can use to determine the speed with which your website is loading…”

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