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5 Ways to Access Onion Sites Without Tor Browser

MakeUseOf: “Key Takeaways

  • Onion sites are unindexed web addresses on the dark web with “.onion” suffixes.
  • Compared to other methods, using the Tor Browser is the safest way to visit onion sites. Accessing onion sites using everyday browsers poses significant security risks.
  • You can use Tor proxies, browser extensions, or Proton VPN to access onion sites on a regular browser. Brave and Firefox have native support for onion sites, albeit with a little bit of tweaking.

If you’ve ever snooped around on the internet, you may have encountered the term “onion sites” or “Tor.” Onion sites are unindexed websites on the dark web that can be accessed using the Tor Browser. That said, using Tor can be a little intimidating, if not technically challenging. If you’d still like to visit onion sites and see what the other side of the internet has to offer, there are alternative ways you can try.”

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