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24/7 Wall St – 9 Ways to Deal With Robocalls

Have you terminated your land line to end unwanted spam calls only to have them move to your cell phone? Some good ideas to help you minimize the invasion of robocals Via 24/7 Wall St:  “According to the Federal Communications Commission, 2.4 billion automated marketing calls are made every month, the equivalent of the more than seven for every American. These computerized marketing calls, or “robocalls,” are the most common source of complaints to the FCC. These are not just inconvenient and annoying calls made by legitimate companies engaging in aggressive marketing. In fact, many robocalls are made by criminals looking to manipulate, lie, and steal from those on the other side of the line.  The Better Business Bureau, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group, has for some time tracked the evolution of practices and scams perpetrated by robocallers. The BBB and other groups have a number of suggestions — most of which are quite simple — for ways to handle and avoid these calls.”

Click here to see nine ways to deal with robocalls.

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