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2016 UNDP Human Development Report

UN news release: “Inequality within countries is a profound challenge to well-functioning societies. The international development community’s latest effort to tackle this challenge is the desire to Leave No One Behind. This principle, outlined in the Sustainable Development Agenda, argues that progress on the Sustainable Development Goals can only be viewed as progress if those most marginalised by poverty also benefit. For those who do not directly work in development, this may appear rather obvious. The sector’s raison d’être is to help those most at risk from social, political, economic and environmental concerns, and so it seem only right to measure progress by our impact in marginalised communities. Led by Selim Jahan, who also contributed to the 2016 Commonwealth Global Youth Index, the 2016 Human Development Report (HDR 2016), ‘Human Development for Everyone’, explores the Leave No One Behind principle and its potential contributions to human development. Referred to as universalism in the report, the HDR 2016 maps out the scale and nature of exclusion across the world, the drivers of exclusion and potential solutions at the national and global levels. The report is a comprehensive body of work and builds on many of the most important discussions in the development community…”

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