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11 Essential Apps for Protecting Your Privacy Online

PC Magazine: “Walking down the street, you have options for privacy. You can pull up the hood of your jacket, hide behind dark glasses, even wear a mask. Once you go online, though, you don’t have the same choices. Clawing back personal data is impossible once it’s loose on the internet, and revealing more than you should is painfully easy. You may think that there’s no problem, that you have nothing to hide. But you risk abuse of your private data by advertisers, hackers, identity thieves, and others. Just as there are various ways to ensure your privacy on the street, there are many different approaches to online privacy, from VPNs to email encryptors to monitors that warn if dark web denizens are selling…you! We’ve rounded up a collection of utilities that cover a broad spectrum of privacy protection techniques so that you can choose one or more to enhance your own privacy…”

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