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10 Browser Add-Ons to Make Downloading Videos Easy

Wired – “Need to grab a clip from Twitter or remix that YouTube meme compilation? These tools can help. Maybe you want to save an image or a video clip from the web through your browser because it’ll make a great wallpaper or you want to include it in a video you’re making. In most cases (especially when it comes to pictures) you can simply right-click on the file and choose “save image as,” or something similar. But sometimes that doesn’t work, or not well enough. What if there’s no save option on the right-click menu? What if you want to quickly save dozens of images from a single website? What if you’re trying to save an animated video as a GIF, or you keep downloading one of those .webp files no one wants? That’s where third-party browser extensions can come in handy, add-ons that will dig deeper into a page’s HTML code to pluck out the image or the video clip you’re after and automate the process for you.”

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