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Feelthinking Like a Lawyer: The Role of Emotion in Legal Reasoning and Decision-making

Tiscione, Kristen Konrad, Feelthinking Like a Lawyer: The Role of Emotion in Legal Reasoning and Decision-making (December 16, 2019). Wake Forest Law Review, 2019. Available at SSRN: “The law has had an uneasy relationship with emotion, and we are trained to think that the best decisions are those made based on reason alone. The… Continue Reading

Who Owns the Law? Why We Must Restore Public Ownership of Legal Publishing

Leslie Street and David R. Hansen. Who Owns the Law? Why We Must Restore Public Ownership of Legal Publishing, 26 J. Intell. Prop. L. 205 (2019) “Who owns the law? In the United States, most law is published by a handful of companies. Among the largest are Thomson Reuters, a Canadian mass-media information firm, and… Continue Reading

AALL Spectrum and Law Library Journal are now true open access

AALL: “In order to promote the legal scholarship of our members, both AALL Spectrum and Law Library Journal are now true open access and no longer require someone to create a free profile first in order to access them. Any resources that are restricted to current AALL members or AALL executive board members will continue to… Continue Reading

A New and Improved PubMed®

NLM Musings from the Mezzanine: “NLM’s PubMed has long been recognized as a critical resource for helping researchers, health care professionals, students, and the general public keep current with rapid advances in the life sciences. We are excited to introduce an updated version of PubMed that features an updated design and technology to improve the… Continue Reading

Federal Workers Increasingly Interested in Private Tech Sector

Indeed Hiring Lab: Uncle Sam has a new rival: the private tech sector. Since last year’s government shutdown, federal workers’ interest in the tech sector has continually outpaced that of the general population. The government may face a steep challenge attracting tech talent, largely because tech jobs in the tech sector command nearly a 50%… Continue Reading

Guidelines for Assessing Exposure and Impacts of Oil Spills on Marine Mammals

NOAA: “Sea lions, seals, dolphins, and whales are some of the marine mammals at risk of oil spills and marine pollution. To prepare for future disasters, NOAA’s marine mammal and oil spill experts worked together to publish “Guidelines for Assessing Exposure and Impacts of Oil Spills on Marine Mammals.” The guidance document is available online… Continue Reading

A no-BS guide to how a House impeachment process really works

Vox: “Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) is the only member of Congress who was part of the Nixon impeachment, the Clinton impeachment, and is still serving today. Lofgren is also the second-most-senior Democrat on the crucial Judiciary Committee. In the latest episode of Impeachment, Explained, she walks us through how a House impeachment process actually works,… Continue Reading

Bloomberg Data Dash: A Live Climate Scoreboard for the World

“These are the numbers that matter. A difficult global transition is happening right now, away from fossil fuels, deforestation, greenhouse-gas pollution and melting ice. It can be measured with precision and clarity. The processes described by this data dashboard are occurring on a planetary scale, and yet our progress can be measured this minute, in… Continue Reading

AI Will Not Reduce Discrimination in Hiring Practices. Does the Public Agree?

r x y, r “…I agree with Dr. Narayanan’s assessment that using AI to predict social outcomes is “fundamentally dubious,” but I don’t believe that AI is doomed to always be worse than humans at assessing job candidates for quality. This is not because we have reason to believe AI will ever be particularly good… Continue Reading

All we owe to animals It is not enough to conserve species and ecosystems

Aeon – We have an ethical duty to care for each individual animal on earth: “…Australia [has been] on fire. The fires have killed at least 25 humans and more than a billion animals. Animals such as koalas are especially at risk, since their normal response to threats – climbing to the tops of trees… Continue Reading

The browser wars are back but it’s different this time

The Verge – It’s about privacy, not marketshare: “…First: there are new browser technologies and limits coming that could radically change how ads work and could make it easier for you to protect your privacy no matter what browser you use. Since this is the web, it’ll take time, but everybody seems committed. Second: the… Continue Reading