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Daily Archives: September 27, 2023

Fact check your AI queries

Jeremy Kaplan – Wonder Tools: “Bard has a new fact-checking button. Press the “G” button to have Google fact-check Bard’s AI response. Sentences highlighted in green are backed up by at least one Web source. To see that reference, click on the green text. Sentences in brown are dubious — they lack a clear origin source online [see graphic]. Neither ChatGPT nor Claude has fact-checking built in yet, so this is a distinct way for Google to capitalize on the strength of its search engine. Why Bard’s new fact-checking button is necessary: AI chatbots love to please you. That’s why they’ll make up stuff or “hallucinate,” serving up answers they think you want. Generative AI services are language engines, not information engines. They’re excellent at generating language but not reliable for facts/knowledge. That’s why Google is giving Bard a fact-checking button.” [link to Bard FAQ]

Open My Hotel Window

Find Hotels with windows that open or a balcony for fresh air! “Waves of new hotels are installing non operable windows and older hotels are sealing their once operable windows shut for the sake of energy conservation. While we do care about the environment, we believe it’s essential for travelers to be able to crack… Continue Reading

ChatGPT can now search the web, as OpenAI races to keep up with rivals

Washington Post [read free] “OpenAI said Wednesday that its ChatGPT bot now has the ability to search the web using Microsoft’s Bing search engine, putting the chatbot on equal footing with Microsoft and Google’s Bard as the start-up fights to compete for dominance of the booming AI industry. Microsoft and Google already let their chatbots… Continue Reading

Map shows where 600 animal species are testing positive for forever chemicals

EWG: Global danger: Wildlife at risk from PFAS exposure. “About the map – ‘Forever chemicals’ found in wildlife around the world SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 Pandas, sea lions, tigers and over 600 species across the globe are at risk of harm from exposure to “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. No matter the country or continent, if… Continue Reading

How Americans see the state of gender and leadership in business

“Women now account for record shares of Fortune 500 chief executives and board members in the United States – 10.6% and 30.4%, respectively. Still, the share of women in top business leadership positions remains well below their share of the population. A majority of Americans (55%) say there are too few women in top executive… Continue Reading

How ChatGPT Is Putting College Ghost Writers Out of Work

The Walrus: The custom essay-writing business is worth billions. Will AI bring it to an end? “…Paying third parties to complete your coursework is called contract cheating. While it seemingly represents a breach of academic integrity, it is technically legal in Canada—and data suggests it’s become prevalent across post-secondary institutions. According to academic ghostwriters like… Continue Reading

COVID Is Airborne

Resources on transmission & prevention of COVID-19 with focus on airborne routes i.e. aerosols (& ballistic droplets). All links are extracted from this Google sheet:  Collected by Dr. Alex Huffman (Univ. Denver). Reports, guides & tools Media articles Infographics & Images Videos Tweets, threads, blogs & podcasts Research-level science articles Live webinars, workshops &… Continue Reading

Supreme Corporate Tax Giveaway: Who Would Benefit from the Roberts Court Striking Down the Mandatory Repatriation Tax?

Roosevelt Institute and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP): Executive Summary – “Later this year, the Supreme Court will hear what could become the most important tax case in a century. In Moore v. US, ostensibly about the tax liability of an American family with minority shares in an Indian farming firm, the… Continue Reading