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8 Alternative Sites Better Than Goodreads for Book Lovers

Make Use Of: Goodreads is no longer the top dog when it comes to online book communities. Here are the best alternatives. “Goodreads boasts millions of users and a database full of even more books. People flock to the site to discover new titles to consume or catalog what they’ve already read. The platform offers countless useful features; for a time, users were content with it. That’s no longer the case, with many beginning to look elsewhere to fill their cataloging needs. There are countless Goodreads alternatives that cater to book lovers’ different needs. Let’s look at some of them…”

2021 Library Systems Report

American Libraries,  Marshall Breeding – Advancing library technologies in challenging times: “In a year complicated by a global pandemic, the community of vendors providing technologies to libraries made important strides to meet pressing needs and make ongoing progress in their longer-term initiatives. Though the pandemic disrupted library services—as well as funding—in 2020, concerted efforts were… Continue Reading

Where Should You Buy Your Books?

The New York Times – Where Should You Buy Your Books? “Bookstore or Amazon? Curbside pickup or delivery? We answer common questions readers might have.  The last year has seen expanded options for buying books online, as more bookstores have developed websites, and e-commerce sites like gain traction. But massive retailers like Amazon continue… Continue Reading

Library supply catalog from 1899

BoingBoing: “The Smithsonian Libraries’ Trade Literature Collection includes catalogs, sales brochures, and other materials “that were once part of the merchandising of business.” What a fascinating source of design, technology, and marketing history! At the Smithsonian magazine blog, library technician Alexia MacClain goes meta in a post about one curious item in the Trade Literature… Continue Reading

Marketing to Internal Clients: How to Engage the “Chair”

Feit Consulting: “With so much uncertainty, one thing is clear: librarians and information specialists will (or should) be ready for it. To be recognized and become a major player in any firm’s changing landscape, one must become a leader in that change. There are many ways to approach this, but this article will address marketing… Continue Reading

REALM Project – New research and resources on vaccines and variants

OCLC – “New research and resources on vaccines and variants – New toolkit resources: “Mask policies: While mask-wearing policies continue to vary regionally in the United States, libraries, archives, and museums are navigating how to message, enact, and enforce them. This roundup features articles on topics ranging from legal implications to staff training to disability… Continue Reading

Here Are 458 California Law Enforcement Agencies’ Policy Documents All in One Place

EFF: “At this moment in history, law enforcement agencies in the United States face a long-overdue reevaluation of their priorities, practices, and processes for holding police officers accountable for both unconscious biases and overt abuse of power. But any examination of law enforcement requires transparency first: the public’s ability to examine what those priorities, practices,… Continue Reading

Why Informal Information Sharing is Holding Your Organization Back

Via LLRX – Why Informal Information Sharing is Holding Your Organization Back – This article by Mary Ellen Bates is an excerpt from her recent presentation “The Strategic Value of Copyright Licensing Solutions,” to which she also provides a video link. Bates discusses ways published information is being used throughout organizations that you may not have… Continue Reading

The Return to Public Library Investment

The Returns to Public Library Investment – Gregory Gilpin, Ezra Karger, and Peter Nencka, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, April 2021. “Local governments spend over 12 billion dollars annually funding the operation of 15,000 public libraries in the United States. This funding supports widespread library use: more than 50% of Americans visit public libraries each… Continue Reading