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When Online Content Disappears

“38% of webpages that existed in 2013 are no longer accessible a decade later The internet is an unimaginably vast repository of modern life, with hundreds of billions of indexed webpages. But even as users across the world rely on the web to access books, images, news articles and other resources, this content sometimes disappears from view. A new Pew Research Center analysis shows just how fleeting online content actually is:

  • A quarter of all webpages that existed at one point between 2013 and 2023 are no longer accessible, as of October 2023. In most cases, this is because an individual page was deleted or removed on an otherwise functional website.
  • For older content, this trend is even starker. Some 38% of webpages that existed in 2013 are not available today, compared with 8% of pages that existed in 2023.

This “digital decay” occurs in many different online spaces. We examined the links that appear on government and news websites, as well as in the “References” section of Wikipedia pages as of spring 2023…” [beSpacific – free – solo owned, researched, edited, published online since – 2002]

If You Read a Lot of Fiction, Scientists Have Very Good News About Your Brain

Futurism: “It’s a big day for bookworms: scientists studying how reading fiction affects your brain say the news is very good. In an interview with PsyPost, Lena Wimmer, a postdoctoral researcher at Germany’s Maximilian University, explained that she and her colleagues wanted to lay the groundwork for quantitative studies about fiction’s effect on thinking — and… Continue Reading

How to Improve the Explanatory Power of an Intelligent Textbook: a Case Study in Legal Writing

Sovrano, F., Ashley, K., Brusilovsky, P.L. et al. How to Improve the Explanatory Power of an Intelligent Textbook: a Case Study in Legal Writing. Int J Artif Intell Educ (2024). – “Explanatory processes are at the core of scientific investigation, legal reasoning, and education. However, effectively explaining complex or large amounts of information, such… Continue Reading

Thwarted cyberattack targeted LC in tandem with October British Library breach

NextGov/FCW:”The Library of Congress was targeted in a cyberattack that occurred in parallel with a high-profile intrusion into the United Kingdom’s British Library in late October, but the hackers failed to access the U.S. library’s systems, according to internal documents obtained by Nextgov/FCW. The attempted breach occurred around Oct. 28, the same day the U.K.’s… Continue Reading

Inside libraries’ battle for better e-book access

Axios: “Librarians are mounting a fierce state-by-state battle against the high prices they pay to provide patrons with e-books — so far, with little to show for it. Why it matters: The ongoing dispute threatens library patrons’ access to e-books. Where it stands: Publishers typically require libraries to renew the license to each e-book every… Continue Reading

The Battle for Attention

The New Yorker [unpaywalled] – “How do we hold on to what matters in a distracted age?Last year, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reported a huge ten-year decline in reading, math, and science performance among fifteen-year-olds globally, a third of whom cited digital distraction as an issue. Clinical presentations of attention problems have… Continue Reading

We Are Not Alone: Libraries Making a Stronger Impact In a Global Community

Chapter contributed by OCLC – Connaway, Lynn Silipigni. 2024. “We Are Not Alone: Libraries Making a Stronger Impact In a Global Community.” Chap. 9 in Library 2035: Imagining the Next Generation of Libraries, edited by Sandra Hirsh, 63-68.  New York: Rowman & Littlefield. YouTube video presented by Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Sandra Hirsh, produced by… Continue Reading

Yes, People Do Buy Books

From the you have never been to my house department…Despite viral claims, Americans buy over a billion books a year [you bet we do…used books…from bookstores…and we read them too…so there]: “…How many books are sold in the United States? The only tracker we have is BookScan, which logs point of sale—i.e., customer purchases at… Continue Reading

There’s More to Copyright Than Financial Incentives

ToreentFreak: “The Internet Archive is doubling down on its position that its digital lending library service operates under the bounds of fair use. Major publishers assert that digitizing books without appropriate licensing amounts to infringement but IA counters that the practice is in the public interest. It also fits copyright’s ultimate purpose; to promote the… Continue Reading