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Who did that website belong to?

Tools for Reporters: “You may already be familiar with WHOIS, the directory of website registrants. Under ICANN rules, you have to have contact info registered for a domain, and that contact info used to be public. Sadly, that changed in 2018 and much of the information is now redacted. But! A tool called WHOIS History Search came to the rescue. WHOIS History Search is a giant archive of WHOISes (WHOWASes?) going back more than 10 years. For instance, I can see Tools for Reporters is currently registered to GoDaddy, but back in 2017, it was registered to Dan’s phone number and email address. For some reason, the site has its own “DRS Credits” gives you 500 free ones a month. It only cost one credit to do the search for TFR, but pulling up the history cost like 52. So I guess you just have to pull the lever and hope you get some good results before you run out of tokens. If not, upgrade for $19 or better luck next month. This is a good way to get around current GDPR regulations (sorry privacy advocates) as well as see historical information.”

Privacy Design Strategies and the GDPR: A Systematic Literature Review

Saltarella M., Desolda G., Lanzilotti R. (2021) Privacy Design Strategies and the GDPR: A Systematic Literature Review. In: Moallem A. (eds) HCI for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust. HCII 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12788. Springer, Cham. “Article 25 of the GDPR states that data collection, processing and management measures should be implemented… Continue Reading

New Report on Children’s Online Privacy and Data Protection Published

In Custodia Legis: “The Law Library recently published a new report on the protection of children online. The report, titled Children’s Online Privacy and Data Protection, surveys ten jurisdictions on the special measures they have put in place to protect children online. The jurisdictions are the European Union (EU) member states of Denmark, France, Germany,… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence as a Service: Legal Responsibilities, Liabilities, and Policy Challenges

Cobbe, Jennifer and Singh, Jatinder, Artificial Intelligence as a Service: Legal Responsibilities, Liabilities, and Policy Challenges (April 12, 2021). Forthcoming in Computer Law & Security Review, Available at SSRN: or “Artificial Intelligence as a Service (‘AIaaS’) will play a growing role in society’s technical infrastructure, enabling, facilitating, and underpinning functionality in many applications.… Continue Reading

How data trusts can protect privacy

MIT Technology Review – “…Data trusts are a relatively new concept, but their popularity has grown quickly. In 2017, the UK government first proposed them as a way to make larger data sets available for training artificial intelligence. A European Commission proposal in early 2020 floated data trusts as a way to make more data… Continue Reading

Data protection: European Commission launches process on personal data flows to UK

European Commission – “Today, the Commission launched the process towards the adoption of two adequacy decisions for transfers of personal data to the United Kingdom, one under the General Data Protection Regulation and the other for the Law Enforcement Directive. The publication of the draft decisions is the beginning of a process towards their adoption.… Continue Reading

How much access to data should be permitted during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Harvard Law Today – Urs Gasser explores the risks and benefits of mining data to combat COVID-19: “…Privacy and data protection issues vary greatly depending on the types of data, use cases, and actors involved. And countries around the world have very different baselines and practices in place determining how such rights are protected. European… Continue Reading

Charting a Way Forward – Online Content Regulation

Monika Bickert, VP Content Policy, Facebook: “…This paper explores possible regulatory structures for content governance outside the United States and identifies questions that require further discussion. It builds off recent developments on this topic, including legislation proposed or passed into law by governments, as well as scholarship that explains the various content governance approaches that… Continue Reading

CMA lifts the lid on digital giants

“The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) interim report has found that: Last year, Google accounted for more than 90% of all revenues earned from search advertising in the UK, with revenues of around £6 billion In the same year, Facebook accounted for almost half of all display advertising revenues in the UK, reaching more… Continue Reading

Why Americans Should Worry About the New EU Copyright Rules

Berkman Klein Center – Julia Reda – “Last spring, 200,000 Europeans took to the streets to protest against a new EU copyright law that risks to restrict online culture and block vast numbers of legal online communications such as memes, reaction gifs, video game reviews or remixes. It is the latest clash between a generation… Continue Reading

Where do the tech giants send your data?

ZDNet – “…Recent changes to the law made user data a hot topic. New data protection laws like GDPR have forced technology companies to become much more transparent about the ways they use your data and how they are sharing it with global governments. Tech companies publish transparency reports that show where they send their… Continue Reading