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MTV News Website Goes Dark

Variety – Archives Pulled Offline: “More than two decades’ worth of content published on is no longer available after MTV appears to have fully pulled down the site and its related content. Content on its sister site,, seems to have met a similiar fate. In 2023, MTV News was shuttered amid the financial woes of parent company Paramount Global. As of Monday, trying to access MTV News articles on or resulted in visitors being redirected to the main MTV website. The now-unavailable content includes decades of music journalism comprising thousands of articles and interviews with countless major artists, dating back to the site’s launch in 1996. Perhaps the most significant loss is MTV News’ vast hip-hop-related archives, particularly its weekly “Mixtape Monday” column, which ran for nearly a decade in the 2000s and 2010s and featured interviews, reviews and more with many artists, producers and others early in their careers…”

Explain That Stuff

“Want to know why giant ships can float, how your earbuds make music, what graphene is, or how windows can clean themselves? You’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find simple explanations you can really understand—hurrah! Hard stuff… made simple! Explain that Stuff is an online book written by science writer Chris Woodford (author… Continue Reading

How do we know how many people died of Covid-19?

YouTube: “After four years and dozens of studies, we know everything we’re going to know about the death toll of the Covid pandemic. After four years and dozens of studies, we know everything we’re going to know about the death toll of the Covid pandemic. WELCOME TO HOWTOWN! Our small but mighty team of two… Continue Reading

The ultimate AI skill has nothing to do with tech

Fast Company: “By learning English, individuals not only enhance their ability to communicate with AI systems but also gain insight into the language that shapes AI cognition. We’re living in an AI-powered world. The way we are communicating with technology and each other is changing. A recent study found that 40% of respondents were studying… Continue Reading

An elite handful of analysts, actuaries, and accountants have mastered Excel

The Verge – “…arguably the most important software in the business world. So what do they do in Vegas? They open a spreadsheet…Competitive Excel has been around for years, but only in a hobbyist way. Most of the people in this room full of actuaries, analysts, accountants, and investors play Excel the way I play… Continue Reading

Most downloaded US news app has Chinese roots and ‘writes fiction’ using AI

Reuters: “Last Christmas Eve, NewsBreak a free app with roots in China that is the most downloaded news app in the United States, published an alarming piece about a small town shooting. It was headlined “Christmas Day Tragedy Strikes Bridgeton, New Jersey Amid Rising Gun Violence in Small Towns.” The problem was, no such shooting… Continue Reading

Nine Takeaways From Our Investigation Into Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Failures

ProPublica: “After Russian hackers exploited a flaw in a widely used Microsoft product duringone of the largest cyberattacks in U.S. history, the software giant downplayed its culpability. However, a recent ProPublica investigation revealed that a whistleblower within Microsoft’s ranks had repeatedly attempted to convince the company to address the weakness years before the hack —… Continue Reading

Leo, Brave’s in-browser AI assistant, now incorporates real-time Brave Search results

“Leo—Brave’s in-browser AI assistant—is now even more useful, thanks to its integration with Brave Search. With today’s release, Leo can incorporate search-augmented responses into its answers, powered by the Brave Search API. This new integration allows Leo to provide more accurate and up-to-date answers, especially for queries related to current events or topics where the… Continue Reading

LinkedIn’s AI Career Coaches Will See You Now

Amanda Hoover, Wired: “LinkedIn has ramped up its generative AI tools in the past year and is moving to incorporate the tech into even more of its offerings. On Thursday, the career site announced new features like a pilot for AI-powered expert advice, an interactive chat to break down information in LinkedIn courses, and more… Continue Reading