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ChatGPT can now search the web, as OpenAI races to keep up with rivals

Washington Post [read free] “OpenAI said Wednesday that its ChatGPT bot now has the ability to search the web using Microsoft’s Bing search engine, putting the chatbot on equal footing with Microsoft and Google’s Bard as the start-up fights to compete for dominance of the booming AI industry. Microsoft and Google already let their chatbots search the web and provide links to source material as a way to bolster the trustworthiness and range of the information they’re able to share. ChatGPT’s main product until now only could draw on information that it had been trained on, which was limited to data scraped from the internet before September 2021. In a series of tweets Wednesday, the company said the bot could now draw on more up-to-date information. “We are so back,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in a tweet after the announcement…”

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