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Report: The Dollar Store Invasion

ILSR – Communities are in Revolt, But the Chains’ Predatory Tactics Also Demand Federal Action. Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar are targeting vulnerable communities, opening stores at a breakneck pace in urban and rural areas alike. It’s tempting to assume that these chains simply fill a need in cash-strapped places. But the evidence suggests that dollar stores are not merely byproducts of economic distress; they are a cause of it. Through predatory tactics, the dollar chains are killing off grocery stores and other local businesses, leaving communities with fewer jobs, diminished access to basic goods, and dimmer prospects for overall well-being. As these losses mount, dollar stores are facing a rising tide of grassroots opposition. Over the last couple of years, scores of cities and towns have blocked the chains from opening new stores. Local action alone is not enough, however. Federal policymakers also need to address the ways in which misguided policies, particularly those governing antitrust and finance, are fueling the destructive proliferation of dollar stores…

Libraries are on the front lines of America’s problems

Axios: “…Zoom out: At the same time, libraries are grappling with everything from the high cost of e-books to the need to provide free outdoor Wi-Fi so people without broadband can have off-hours access. Many libraries are trying to ease food insecurity by adding gardens, nutrition classes, food pantries and cooking lessons. “During the pandemic,… Continue Reading

Misleading Food Labels

Consumer Reports – “When it comes to filling your grocery cart with the healthiest foods, careful label reading is critical. Yet even the savviest shoppers can be fooled by some of the claims found on the front of food packages. And that is intentional. “If the marketing is done well, it slips through the radar… Continue Reading

Data Index Tool Offers Glimpse at School Success Boundaries

GovTech: “Federal data can be difficult to wrangle, but a new tool created by a nonprofit aims to remove some of the heavy lifting to help create a clear picture of communities socioeconomic needs — specifically within school attendance boundaries. The National Academy Foundation (NAF), an education nonprofit, collaborated with the NYU Marron Institute of… Continue Reading


“Cooked summarizes web pages into a short recipe version which you can save and read while cooking. Organizes your recipes automatically. Its a breeze to find your old favorites and share them with your friends. More than just a cookbook. Cooked understands your recipes and simplifies your everyday shopping and cooking. Smart shopping lists. Cooked… Continue Reading

How to Reduce Your Exposure to Plastic in Food (and Everywhere Else)

Consumer Reports – “It’s nearly impossible to completely avoid bisphenols and phthalates. But several small, strategic shifts can help. Plasticizers—the most common of which are called phthalates—are used to make plastic more flexible and more durable. They’re so widely used that today, they show up inside almost all of us, right along with other chemicals… Continue Reading

Businessweek Jealousy List 2023

“News flash: We are kind of awesome! In these increasingly weird, anxious, foreboding times, what we make—some of the best journalism around—matters. A lot. And we don’t thank you nearly enough for tuning in to our coverage and for letting us claim your attention. But as awesome as we are, on occasion we’re reminded that… Continue Reading