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The Man Who Killed Google Search

Where’s Your Ed Act via Metafilter – “Edward Zitron has been reading all of google’s internal emails that have been released as evidence in the DOJ’s antitrust case against google.  Zitron concludes that Google Search died on February 5th, 2019. It was on that date at Google’s HQ evil lair an emergency meeting, aka a “code yellow” was called by Prabhakar Raghavan, then Google’s Head of Ads. This was followed by a core update to search in March 2019 which resulted in search traffic getting directed back to web sites that had previously been suppressed by Google Search’s “Penguin” update (mefi fallout) from way back in 2012.  Just over a year later in June 2020 Google’s head of search Ben Gomes (previously), known as a key engineer with over 20 years of search development was replaced by Raghavan. Gnomes is on record arguing that search was “getting too involved with ads” (pdf of email), so Zitron tries to answer where Raghavan stands. Prior to working at Google Raghavan lead Yahoo’s search division, but not with the ascent of Yahoo. Raghavan’s tenure oversaw Yahoo going from around 30% share down to less than half which lead to Yahoo switching to using Bing for search. Zitron concludes its all in the service of short term corporate earning goals, regardless of impact on users.”

See also WSJ via MSN – Google Delays Cookie Phase-Out Following Regulatory Pushback. Move by search giant has major ramifications for $600 billion online ad industry.

Global Public Procurement Dataset

Data is Plural: “The Global Public Procurement Dataset provides standardized data on 72 million government contracts in 42 countries. The dataset, constructed from official sources by the Budapest-based Government Transparency Institute, represents $17 trillion in total procurement. It begins in the 2000s for most of the countries and concludes in 2021. For each contract, it… Continue Reading

FTC’s Noncompete Rule: What You Should Know

Under the final Noncompete Rule, the FTC adopts a comprehensive ban on new noncompetes with all workers, including senior executives. The final rule provides that it is an unfair method of competition—and therefore a violation of Section 5—for employers to enter into noncompetes with workers. Note: The regulation’s effective date is 120 days after Federal… Continue Reading

Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, April 20, 2024

Via LLRX – Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, April 20, 2024 – Privacy and cybersecurity issues impact every aspect of our lives – home, work, travel, education, finance, health and medical records – to name but a few. On a weekly basis Pete Weiss highlights articles and information that focus on the… Continue Reading

It’s the End of the Web as We Know It

The Atlantic [unpaywalled] – A great public resource is at risk of being destroyed. By Judith Donath and Bruce Schneier: “The web has become so interwoven with everyday life that it is easy to forget what an extraordinary accomplishment and treasure it is. In just a few decades, much of human knowledge has been collectively written… Continue Reading

The Flooding Will Come “No Matter What”

ProPublica – The complex, contradictory and heartbreaking process of American climate migration is underway –  “This article is an excerpt from the book “On The Move: The Overheating Earth and the Uprooting of America,” about climate migration in the U.S. For more, see “Another great American migration is now underway, this time forced by… Continue Reading

Climate crisis: average world incomes to drop by nearly a fifth by 2050

The Guardian: “Average incomes will fall by almost a fifth within the next 26 years as a result of the climate crisis, according to a study that predicts the costs of damage will be six times higher than the price of limiting global heating to 2C. Rising temperatures, heavier rainfall and more frequent and intense… Continue Reading

The invisible seafaring industry that keeps the internet afloat

The Verge: “…The world’s emails, TikToks, classified memos, bank transfers, satellite surveillance, and FaceTime calls travel on cables that are about as thin as a garden hose. There are about 800,000 miles of these skinny tubes crisscrossing the Earth’s oceans, representing nearly 600 different systems, according to the industry tracking organization TeleGeography. The cables are… Continue Reading

Dow Jones Debuts Its Smart Money Financial Literacy Site

“Dow Jones Smart Money is your resource for creating a better financial future. For any age, any experience level, any goal—start building financial knowledge today with smart insights and trusted experience from Dow Jones money experts. We’ll be adding new topics, more videos, free resources and live events here soon, so watch this page for… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2024

Stanford University, Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2024. “Welcome to the seventh edition of the AI Index report. The 2024 Index is our most comprehensive to date and arrives at an important moment when AI’s influence on society has never been more pronounced. This year, we have broadened our scope to more extensively… Continue Reading

AI in Finance and Banking, April 15, 2024

Via LLRX – AI in Finance and Banking, April 15, 2024 – This semi-monthly column by Sabrina I. Pacifici highlights news, government reports, NGO/IGO papers, industry white papers, academic papers, conferences and speeches on the subject of AI’s fast paced impact on the banking and finance sectors. The chronological links provided are to the primary sources,… Continue Reading