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The Black Vault: “These records were provided by the family of anthologist and transparency activist Russ Kick, from his papers, facilitated by the generous assistance of Dr. Susan Maret. This is not a complete collection set of his papers, but rather, a selection of items sent to The Black Vault for digital preservation. Biography – Russell Charles Kick III (July 20, 1969 – September 12, 2021), or Russ Kick, was an American writer, editor, and publisher. Early in his career, Kick wrote articles, a column, and a cover story for The Village Voice. He was the founder and editor of The Memory Hole, Memory Hole 2, and Altgov2, which published and archived U.S. government documents, including scientific studies, documents received under FOIA and civil rights-related reports, intelligence and covert action reports, consumer safety reports, and images including photographs of flag-draped coffins of American military personnel. These photographs of the war dead garnered worldwide media attention, including heavy rotation on all 24-hour news channels and front-page coverage on major newspapers, including The New York Times. The Memory Hole also gained attention for posting a completely uncensored version of a Justice Department report about its internal hiring practices, leading to a front-page story in The New York Times. Kick was editor-at-large for The Disinformation Company and he wrote three books and edited six anthologies for them, including You Are Being Lied To and 50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know. He also was editing an anthology of classic and contemporary poems about death for Disinformation and Red Wheel/Weiser. From 2018 to 2021, he was the director of open records for Rise for the Animals where he expanded the ARLO (Animal Research Laboratory Overview) database  to include information obtained through FOIA and public records requests related to animal experimentation and research facilities. At the age of 52, Kick died on September 12, 2021, in Tucson, Arizona. Kick’s obituary can be found at the Washington Post.”

Free Expression in America Post-2020

Knight Foundation: “Free expression and the freedom of speech are cornerstones of American democracy. Yet the interpretation of the First Amendment continues to be a flashpoint in the 21st century as the nation debates how to apply these rights to our society.  For the 2021 “Free Expression in America Post-2020” report, Knight Foundation commissioned Ipsos… Continue Reading

Insurrection Index has 1404 records of those in the public trust who played a role in the insurrection

“Insurrection Index is a searchable database of records on individuals and organizations in positions of public trust who were involved in the deadly attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. As of January 2022, the Insurrection Index has over 1,000 records of those in public trust who played a role in the insurrection…Below is… Continue Reading

A For-Profit Company Is Trying to Privatize as Many Public Libraries as They Can

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting – Janine Jackson interviewed librarian Caleb Nichols about defending public libraries for the December 17, 2021, episode of CounterSpin. [Caleb Nichols is a librarian as well as a writer, poet and musician, currently course reserves coordinator at Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo. His eye-opening article, “Public/Private Partnerships Are Quietly Hollowing Out… Continue Reading

House panel asks Supreme Court to say by mid-January whether it’s taking Trump’s January 6 records case

CNN – “Former President Donald Trump appealed to the Supreme Court on Thursday to block the release of documents from his White House to the House committee investigating the January 6 riot at the Capitol, escalating his effort to keep about 700 pages of records secret. Hours after Trump’s request was filed, the House committee… Continue Reading

National Archives Releases New Group of JFK Assassination Documents

“In accordance with President Biden’s directive of October 22, 2021, the National Archives today posted 1,491 documents subject to the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 (JFK Act).  Released documents are available for download. The John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection, established by the National Archives in November 1992, consists of… Continue Reading

Stanford Professor Garry Nolan Is Analyzing Anomalous Materials From UFO Crashes

Vice: “A Q&A with one of the foremost scientists studying UAPs, and what he hopes to learn by systematically studying bizarre and difficult-to-explain incidents. Dr. Garry Nolan is a Professor of Pathology at Stanford University. His research ranges from cancer to systems immunology. Dr. Nolan has also spent the last ten years working with a… Continue Reading

New Dataset: 2012-2020 Polling place locations

“Center for Public Integrity has updated our polling place dataset with data from the 2020 General Election. The dataset now has standardized polling place information (names, addresses, and other metadata) for the 2012-2020 elections. It’s available here: This could be helpful to track polling place closure & movement at the precinct level. In the… Continue Reading

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Make PACER Free

Bloomberg Law – “The Senate Judiciary Committee approved bipartisan legislation Thursday designed to make U.S. court documents free to the general public. Committee members of both parties asked to be included as cosponsors of the measure (S. 2614) that would require the federal judiciary to create a new PACER system that would be free for… Continue Reading

A FOIA for Facebook: Meaningful Transparency for Online Platforms

Karanicolas, Michael, A FOIA for Facebook: Meaningful Transparency for Online Platforms (November 16, 2021). 66 St. Louis University Law Journal (Forthcoming), Available at SSRN: or “Transparency has become the watchword solution for a range of social challenges, including related to content moderation and platform power. Obtaining accurate information about how platforms operate is… Continue Reading

January 6 Clearinghouse

“Welcome to this all-source, repository of information for analysts, researchers, investigators, journalists, educators, and the public at large. Launched on June 29, and updated as of Dec. 3, 2021. If you think the January 6 Clearinghouse is missing something, please send recommendations for additional content by email to [email protected] Sign up for the January 6… Continue Reading

TRAC Releases New Asylum Data Tools, Adds Data on Gender, Language, and Age

“The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University released two brand new interactive asylum data tools that allow users to view detailed data on asylum applications and the asylum backlog in Immigration Court. TRAC also added detailed information on gender, language, and age—valuable information that is of considerable public interest—to its new and existing… Continue Reading