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The best train travel guide is run by one man, all for free

BoingBoing: “I’ve not found a more accurate or thorough guide to international train travel than the website The Man in Seat 61. It’s the long-running passion project of one die hard train enthusiast, Mark Smith, who writes, updates, and aims to sample all the locomotion this good earth has to offer. While bus and train aggregates will feed you typical routes and prices, they don’t offer any human insight. And with today’s busted search algorithms, it can be really difficult to find first hand accounts from people who’ve taken those journeys. The Man in Seat 61’s posts, written entirely by a pair of human hands with the occasional added insight from fellow train travel enthusiasts, will tell you whether or not the train you’ll be taking is comfortable, has a layover, is part of a historic route, etc. A search query requesting information on the feasability of getting from Tashkent to Samarkand will offer convoluted, repetitive “click me!!1!” offers, that will either get you on the right bus, albeit for a heavy commission, and/or stuck at a rural county line crossing trying to decipher what the station clerk’s stoic head shaking means. The same query on Seat 61 offers robust information, timetables, the various kinds of cars and sleeping accomodation, whether the transfer is pleasant and/or quick, general prices and conversion rates, visa requirements, traveller’s reports, and if needed, potential hazards and border closures…”

GoogleDark Web Monitoring

Gizmodo: “The Mountain View company will integrate Dark Web monitoring with Google’s Results About You page sometime toward the end of the month. That feature notifies users if their personal information, their name, address, or phone number, appears in search results. Google has previously stated its goal to scrub personal information from results, though it… Continue Reading

How to Search All of Craigslist

HowToGeek: “You can’t search the entire Craigslist site all at once by default—you’re limited to picking one region or another. However, if you’re deal hunting, that is a serious restriction. Here are a few ways to search the entirety of Craigslist all at once…SearchTempest is a website that lets you search Craigslist entries from around… Continue Reading

The Free Library by Farlex

34,746,903 articles and books – “Since 2003, The Free Library has offered free, full-text versions of classic literary works from hundreds of celebrated authors, whose biographies, images, and famous quotations can also be found on the site. Recently, The Free Library has been expanded to include a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds of leading… Continue Reading

The Internet Archive Rescues MTV News’ Web Site, Making 460,000+ of Its Pages Searchable Again

Open Culture: “Last month, MTV News’ web site went missing. Or at least almost all of it did, including an archive of stories going back to 1997. To some of us, and especially to those of us old enough to have grown up watching MTV on actual television, that won’t sound like an especially long… Continue Reading

Nearly 60% of Google searches end without a click in 2024

One more time…but likely not the last time…please stop using Google. Via Search engineLand. Nearly 60% of Google searches end without a click in 2024 – “A majority of Google searches – 58.5% in the U.S. and 59.7% in the EU – result in zero clicks. A zero-click search happens when users end their session… Continue Reading

Search everywhere optimization: 7 platforms SEOs need to optimize for beyond Google

Search Engine Land: “It’s “search everywhere optimization.” This means that, as organic search strategists, we must take more ownership to optimize beyond Google. Search is more fractured than ever, so people turn to places beyond Google to find what they need. My agency has access to a wealth of proprietary and client data and we’re… Continue Reading

ChatGPT is bullshit

ChatGPT is bullshit. Michael Townsen Hicks, James Humphries. Ethics and Information Technology, June 8, 2024. Volume 26, article number 38. “Recently, there has been considerable interest in large language models: machine learning systems which produce human-like text and dialogue. Applications of these systems have been plagued by persistent inaccuracies in their output; these are… Continue Reading