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Test of 4 Different AI Image Detectors: Here’s How Accurate They Were


  • I tested the capabilities of four AI image detectors—Illuminarty, AI or Not, Hive Moderation, and SDXL Detector—using two AI images generated by DALL-E and one photo taken by a human.
  • The results varied among the detectors, with some accurately distinguishing AI-generated images from real ones, while others made some mistakes.
  • Even the most accurate detectors aren’t perfect, highlighting the need for multiple tools to spot fakes.

If identifying fake art and photos is important to you, AI image detectors are invaluable—but some are more reliable than others. After testing the best apps available today, here’s how they each performed with AI-generated and human images.”

Wayback Machine: 5 Alternatives To Try

Search Engine Journal – “Discover alternatives to the Wayback Machine for preserving website history and data. Explore web archives and their unique features for SEO, The internet is constantly changing, with websites appearing and disappearing and information being added or removed constantly. This makes it hard for people who study and analyze the internet or… Continue Reading

Google Books Is Indexing AI-Generated Garbage

404 Media: “Google Books is indexing low quality, AI-generated books that will turn up in search results, and could possibly impact Google Ngram viewer, an important tool used by researchers to track language use throughout history.  I was able to find the AI-generated books with the same method we’ve previously used to find AI-generated Amazon… Continue Reading

Law Archive Open Scholarship Platform Launches at Yale Law School

“Yale Law Library in collaboration with the Center for Open Science has announced the launch of Law Archive, the only free open-access platform of its kind that integrates collaboration tools, data storage, and sharing of legal scholarship. Accessible to everyone, regardless of organizational affiliation or ability to pay, Law Archive contributes to the movement to… Continue Reading

I tried the new Google. Its answers are worse.

Washington Post [unpaywalled]: “Have you heard about the new Google? They “supercharged” it with artificial intelligence. Somehow, that also made it dumber. With the regular old Google, I can ask, “What’s Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth?” and a reasonable answer pops up: “169.8 billion USD.” Now let’s ask the same question with the “experimental” new version… Continue Reading

The Incognito Mode Myth Has Fully Unraveled

Wired: “If you still hold any notion that Google Chrome’s “Incognito mode” is a good way to protect your privacy online, now’s a good time to stop. Google has agreed to delete “billions of data records” the company collected while users browsed the web using Incognito mode, according to documents filed in federal court in… Continue Reading

OpenAI previews synthetic voice creator, Voice Engine

Mashable: “OpenAI launched voice capabilities in ChatGPT last September. Now, the company is previewing a model called Voice Engine, which can use a single 15-second audio clip and text prompt to generate longer audio. OpenAI boasts that Voice Engine produces life-like voices with inflection and tone, rather than a robotic drone. According to OpenAI’s blog… Continue Reading

The Essential Guide To Using Images Legally Online

Search Engine Journal: “…Images are an essential component of online content – and it’s obvious why. Images aren’t just pretty—they’re powerful marketing tools that help you stand out. They pique your audience’s attention, enhance your messaging, and significantly enhance the appeal and effectiveness of your content. Whether you’re creating a social media post, a webpage,… Continue Reading