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Fact check your AI queries

Jeremy Kaplan – Wonder Tools: “Bard has a new fact-checking button. Press the “G” button to have Google fact-check Bard’s AI response. Sentences highlighted in green are backed up by at least one Web source. To see that reference, click on the green text. Sentences in brown are dubious — they lack a clear origin source online [see graphic]. Neither ChatGPT nor Claude has fact-checking built in yet, so this is a distinct way for Google to capitalize on the strength of its search engine. Why Bard’s new fact-checking button is necessary: AI chatbots love to please you. That’s why they’ll make up stuff or “hallucinate,” serving up answers they think you want. Generative AI services are language engines, not information engines. They’re excellent at generating language but not reliable for facts/knowledge. That’s why Google is giving Bard a fact-checking button.” [link to Bard FAQ]

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