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This Wonder Bird Flies Thousands of Miles, Non-Stop, as Part of an Epic Migration

Smithsonian Magazine: “Long-distance migration is the most extreme and life-threatening thing that any animal does. And migratory shorebirds make the most miraculous journeys of all, given the distances they cover and their tiny size. There are some 70 species of shorebirds in the world that make the journey from the top of the globe to the bottom and back every year. The Hudsonian godwit is one of them. Named after the Canadian bay where the species was first identified, and the bird’s distinctive two-syllable cry (“god-wiiit!”), Hudsonian godwits lay their eggs each spring in this Alaskan bog. (All godwits breed in the Northern Hemisphere.) In June or July, they leave their self-sufficient hatchlings and head south. First, they fly for three days to the wetlands of Saskatchewan and feed for one month. Then they continue down through the Americas to the northern Amazon—a 4,000-mile trip. They feed again and a week later head to Argentina, feeding another time before continuing over the Andes to Chiloé Island, on the fecund Gulf of Ancud, where they arrive in September or October and winter for a little over six months. The longest leg of their journey, some 6,000 miles, is on the return from Chile. They fly night and day at speeds between 29 and 50 miles per hour, not stopping to eat, drink or rest. They pause for a couple of weeks to refuel in wetlands in the central United States—usually Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas or Oklahoma—and then continue back to the Alaskan bog. Their goal is an endless summer…”

Open Rivers Programme aims to free rivers in Europe by removing obsolete and unused dams

The Open Rivers Programme, launched in Oct. 2021, aims to free rivers in Europe by removing obsolete and unused dams. €42.5M have been allocated as grants to support the removal of dams. The European Commission encourages member states to remove barriers to help 25,000 km of rivers flow freely by 2030. A guide for identifying… Continue Reading

Climate-Washing Litigation: Legal Liability for Misleading Climate Communications

Climate Social Science Network Research Report 2022:1: Climate-Washing Litigation Legal Liability for Misleading Climate Communications. January 13, 2022: “This research report aims to enhance the legal community’s understanding of climate-related ‘greenwashing’ litigation. The report analyses this type of litigation, which can also be described as ‘climate-washing’ litigation, by examining key cases and developments, particularly cases… Continue Reading

Striking findings from 2021

Pew – “…here are some of Pew Research Center’s most striking research findings from the past year. These 15 findings cover subjects ranging from extreme weather to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing demographic shifts in the United States. And they represent just a small slice of the year’s full list of research publications…” Continue Reading

Energy Department to announce Clean Energy Corps, hire 1,000 staffers to work on climate change

Washington Post: “…“It’s truly a remarkable time to be at the Department of Energy as we set off to implement the historic $62 billion in clean energy investments from the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” said Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. “The launch of our Clean Energy Corps is the latest definitive step along our path… Continue Reading

Global Risks and Global Economic Prospects Reports 2022

World Economic Forum: “In the Global Risks Report 2022, we share the results of the latest Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS) in the context of the current global outlook, followed by an analysis of growing divergences in the areas of climate transition, cybersecurity, mobility, and outer space. We examine the tensions arising from such divergence,… Continue Reading

Manchin’s Coal Corruption Is So Much Worse Than You Knew

Rolling Stone – “The senator from West Virginia is bought and paid for by Big Coal. With his help the dying industry is pulling one final heist — and the entire planet may pay the price…Manchin’s public rationale that power companies are already transitioning away from fossil fuels as rapidly as possible is blatantly false:… Continue Reading

Preliminary US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimates for 2021

Rhodium Group: “After the global pandemic spurred a year of economic upheaval in 2020, many looked to 2021 as a year for recovery. Despite the political and financial measures to support recovery in the US, 2021 was characterized by continued uncertainty as the country navigated a patchwork of COVID-19 prevention measures, access to vaccines, and… Continue Reading

A law banning plastic packaging for some fruits and vegetables in France went into effect on Jan. 1

Why not in America? “Thirty types of fruits and vegetables – including cucumbers, carrots, apples, and bananas – will no longer be allowed to be wrapped in plastic, with only packages of over 1.5kg receiving exemptions. Chopped or processed fruits will also be exempted, and providers of some fruits, like raspberries or cherry tomatoes, will… Continue Reading

The Year in Cheer 192 ways the world got better in 2021

Reasons to Be Cheerful – This is a wonderful read not least because amidst the upheavals of life in the time of COVID, individuals and groups around the world have chosen, in a myriad of ways to create change in innovative and impactful ways that benefits the lives of millions around the world. A sustainable… Continue Reading