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Lost Women of Science

Lost Women of Science tells the remarkable stories of groundbreaking women who never got the full recognition they deserved – until now. The Lost Women of Science Initiative is a non-profit educational organization with the overarching goal of inspiring girls and young women — especially those from communities chronically underrepresented in the STEM professions — to embark on careers in STEM. The Initiative’s flagship is its Lost Women of Science podcast. As a full, mission-driven organization, the Lost Women of Science Initiative plans to digitize and archive our research efforts and make all primary source material available to students, educators, and historians of science. The story behind our podcast. For every Rosalind Franklin, Hedy Lamarr or Katherine Johnson whose story has been told, there are dozens more whose stories remain unknown to the public at large, or even to contemporaries in their field. We’re talking about scientists who made tremendous contributions to their field but, for reasons of time and place and gender, have gone largely unrecognized.  We believe it is imperative  – now more than ever – to tell the stories of women who shifted our understanding of the world around us but have been lost to history. The Lost Women of Science podcast series is an exemplar of top-notch journalism, training a lens on forgotten but heroic women of science. Each multi-episode season will focus on a different female scientist and will be told as a deeply reported, scripted, and scored audio narrative. Lost Women of Science is paying it both ways – forward as well as back. That is, as much as it revisits history, Lost Women of Science will also inspire young women working their way through the STEM pipeline.”

There is a scientific fraud epidemic and we are ignoring the cure

Financial Times [read free] “…As the Oxford university psychologist Dorothy Bishop has written, we only know about the ones who get caught. In her view, our “relaxed attitude” to the scientific fraud epidemic is a “disaster-in-waiting”. The microbiologist Elisabeth Bik, a data sleuth who specialises in spotting suspect images, might argue the disaster is already… Continue Reading

Make your research visible and see 30% more citations

Share Your Paper – “We can help you make your paper Open Access, for free, wherever you publish. It’s legal and takes just minutes. Join millions of researchers sharing their papers freely with colleagues and the public. Start by entering the DOI of your paper We’ll gather information about your paper and find the easiest… Continue Reading

Times 100 Notable Books of 2023

“Each year, we pore over thousands of new books, seeking out the best novels, memoirs, biographies, poetry collections, stories and more. Here are the standouts, selected by the staff of The New York Times Book Review. The 10 Best Books from each year since 2004. In 2021, The Book Review asked readers to choose the… Continue Reading

Education Department lists schools under investigation for ‘possible discrimination’ based on shared ancestry

The Hill: “The Department of Education released a list of higher education and K-12 institutions that are under investigation for alleged shared ancestry violations Thursday as part of the Biden administration’s effort to address reports of rising discrimination in schools. “Hate has no place in our schools, period. When students are targeted because they are–or… Continue Reading

Texas board rejects many science textbooks over climate change messaging

The Texas Tribune: “A Republican-controlled Texas State Board of Education on Friday rejected seven of 12 proposed science textbooks for eighth graders that for the first time will require them to include information on climate change. The 15-member board largely rejected the books either because they included policy solutions for climate change or because they… Continue Reading

Italian Poetry Translated

“This website offers translations of Italian poems into English in an interactive format. It’s a work in progress. Poetry is something to recite aloud, in company, enjoying the sound. Meter and rhymes are good things. You really can’t translate poetry, so you should read it in the original language. Well, I would like first of… Continue Reading

Worst and Best Companies for Employee Retention U.S. and UK

Visual Capitalist: The Worst Companies for Employee Retention (U.S. and UK) – “Employees consider various factors when committing to a company long term, including a positive work environment, fair compensation, job security, opportunities for professional growth, and resilience against disruptive changes in the economy or technology. So, which companies have the worst employee retention? To… Continue Reading

GenAI for Law – Cases and Policies

“On this episode of’s IdeaFlow, we’ll explore and discuss two examples of how generative AI can be applied to legal use cases, namely: judicial caselaw research and handling privacy policies. The current version of this episode: For more episodes of IdeaFlow, see: To signup for IdeaFlow episodes: Continue Reading

Amazon announces “AI Ready”

Amazon announces “AI Ready,” a new commitment designed to provide free AI skills training to 2 million people globally by 2025. To achieve this goal, we’re launching new initiatives for adults and young learners, and scaling our existing free AI training programs—removing cost as a barrier to accessing these critical skills. Hiring AI-skilled talent is… Continue Reading

Outsourced to Qatar

Outsourced to Qatar – A Case Study of Northwestern University-Qatar: “Saudi Arabia has historically provided the largest amount of funding to American universities out of all the Middle Eastern countries. In recent years, however, neighboring Qatar has emerged as a significant rival. A small but wealthy Persian Gulf petrostate, Qatar recently became the top foreign… Continue Reading