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Daily Archives: June 30, 2022

An Overview of Privacy Law in 2022

Solove, Daniel J. and Schwartz, Paul M., An Overview of Privacy Law in 2022 (April 1, 2022). Chapter 1 of PRIVACY LAW FUNDAMENTALS (6th Edition, IAPP 2022), GWU Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2022-26, GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper No. 2022-26, Available at SSRN:

“Chapter 1 of PRIVACY LAW FUNDAMENTALS (6th edition, IAPP 2022) provides an overview of information privacy law circa 2022. The chapter summarizes the common themes in privacy laws and discusses the various types of laws (federal, constitutional, state, international). It contains a list and brief summary of the most significant U.S. federal privacy laws. The heart of the chapter is an historical timeline of major developments in the law of privacy and data security, including key cases, enactments of laws, major regulatory developments, influential publications, and other significant events. The chapter also contains a curated list of important treatises and scholarly works. PRIVACY LAW FUNDAMENTALS is a distilled guide to the essential elements of U.S. data privacy law. In an easily-digestible format, the book covers core concepts, key laws, and leading cases. The book summarizes the essential provisions of all of the major privacy statutes and regulations, including COPPA, ECPA, FCRA, FERPA, FISA, FTC Act, GLBA, HIPAA, TCPA, Privacy Act, VPPA, and more. The book includes summaries of foreign laws such as the EU’s GDPR, China’s PIPL, Canada’s PIPEDA, Brazil’s LGPD, and more. In addition, the book summarizes key state privacy laws and provides an overview of FTC and HHS enforcement actions. The authors provide numerous charts and tables summarizing the privacy statutes (i.e. statutes with private rights of action, preemption, and statutory damages, among other things).”

Copyright Protections for Press Publishers

USPTO: “The Copyright Office has concluded a public study evaluating the effectiveness of current copyright protections for publishers in the United States, with a focus on press publishers. The Office’s report—Copyright Protections for Press Publishers—is linked on the right side of this page. In their letter requesting this study, six members of Congress pointed to… Continue Reading

FDA calls for fall boosters against BA.4/5 as subvariants take over US

Ars Technica: “On Thursday [June 30, 2022], the US Food and Drug Administration advised vaccine makers to reformulate COVID-19 booster shots for this fall. The boosters would target both the original strain of the pandemic coronavirus plus two new omicron subvariants—BA.4 and BA.5—which became the dominant versions of the virus circulating in the United States… Continue Reading

Overview of the American Data Privacy and Protection Act

CRS Legal Sidebar, Overview of the American Data Privacy and Protection Act H.R. 8152, June 30, 2022: “On June 21, 2022, the House Energy and Commerce Committee introduced the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA), H.R. 8152,which would create a comprehensive federal consumer privacy framework. Some commentators have noted the bill’s novel compromises on… Continue Reading

The Important Role Libraries Play in Building a Creative and Innovative Society

Arch Daily: “As gateways to knowledge and culture, libraries play a fundamental role in society. Foundational in creating opportunities for learning, as well as supporting literacy and education, the resources and services each library offers all work towards helping to shape new ideas that are central to building a creative and innovative society…” Continue Reading

US weather, climate forecasting is about to get way better

ZDNET: “US weather and climate forecasting is about to get a major upgrade. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) this week turned on two new supercomputers that are three times faster than the agency’s former supercomputing system. By this fall, the new HPE Cray supercomputers should deliver an improvement to the US Global Forecast… Continue Reading

Election Worker Safety and Privacy

CRS Insight – Election Worker Safety and Privacy Updated June 23, 2022: “Concerns about election workers’ safety and privacy have been reported following the 2020 election, in news reports and testimony before House and Senate committees. Some election workers have raised concerns about physical safety while performing official duties, as well as more general threats… Continue Reading