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Daily Archives: June 2, 2022

Datadog finds serverless computing is going mainstream

DataDog: “Serverless has transformed application development by eliminating the need to provision and manage any underlying infrastructure. The current serverless ecosystem has grown more mature, and it now has considerable overlap with the world of container-based technologies. The wide range of available options has led over half of organizations operating in each cloud to adopt serverless. For this report, we examined telemetry data from thousands of companies’ serverless applications, and we identified three key themes in how teams are using serverless today. First, serverless compute has become an essential part of the technology stacks of organizations that operate in each cloud. Second, AWS Lambda remains extremely popular among AWS customers, who are using it in new ways to support their unique business needs. Finally, there are meaningful differences between the serverless offerings available within AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and each gives users distinct options for building serverless applications…”

Webinar: “The Most Improbable War: Legal Transformations in Ukraine and Russia Before and During the Invasion”

In Custodia Legis: Join Us on 6/16 for Our Webinar: “The Most Improbable War: Legal Transformations in Ukraine and Russia Before and During the Invasion” – “This entry in our Foreign and Comparative Law Webinar Series will provide an overview of the historic roots of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It is co-sponsored by the Law Library… Continue Reading

The Race to Hide Your Voice Voice recognition

Wired: “Your voice reveals more about you than you realize. To the human ear, your voice can instantly give away your mood, for example—it’s easy to tell if you’re excited or upset. But machines can learn a lot more: inferring your age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, health conditions, and beyond. Researchers have even been able… Continue Reading

The Supreme Court Is Building Its Own Surveillance State

Wired – Searching clerks’ phones to find out who leaked the Dobbs opinion sets a dangerous precedent of exploiting digital rights. “Following the leak of a draft opinion striking down abortion rights, the Supreme Court’s police force (the Marshal’s Office) launched an unprecedented probe to uncover who leaked the decision. Already, authorities have demanded phone… Continue Reading

Mozilla releases local machine translation tools

Via Slashdot: “Artem S. Tashkinov writes: In January of 2019, Mozilla joined the University of Edinburgh, Charles University, University of Sheffield and University of Tartu as part of a project funded by the European Union called Project Bergamot. The ultimate goal of this consortium was to build a set of neural machine translation tools that… Continue Reading

There’s an Army of Thieves Coming for Your Catalytic Converter

Popular Mechanics – One of the largest crime-waves in recent years could cost you thousands: “…According to the Universal Technical Institute, there are typically 3 to 7 grams of platinum, 2 to 7 grams of palladium, and 1 to 2 grams of rhodium in the standard converter. PGMs are rare. They form inside intrusive igneous complexes,… Continue Reading

It’s decided: decisive people no more accurate than self-doubters

Source, PLOS One, Published: June 1, 2022, Wojciech Zajkowski, Maksymilian Bielecki, Magdalena Marszał-Wiśniewska: Are you confident enough to act? Individual differences in action control are associated with post-decisional metacognitive bias – “The art of making good choices and being consistent in executing them is essential for having a successful and fulfilling life. Individual differences… Continue Reading

We’ve Known How To Prevent A School Shooting for More Than 20 Years

FiveThirtyEight: “…Marisa Randazzo’s and Mary Ellen O’Toole’s parallel reports came to remarkably similar conclusions….So how do we spot the ones who are planning an attack at a school? The studies she and O’Toole published years ago showed that, like people planning to attack the president, would-be school shooters don’t keep their plans to themselves. They… Continue Reading

Legal Implications of a Ubiquitous Metaverse and a Web3 Future

Garon, Jon M., Legal Implications of a Ubiquitous Metaverse and a Web3 Future (January 3, 2022). Available at SSRN: or “The metaverse is understood to be an immersive virtual world serving as the locus for all forms of work, education, and entertainment experiences. Depicted in books, movies, and games, the metaverse has the… Continue Reading