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Daily Archives: June 13, 2022

10 quick and easy tips from LinkedIn for creators

Search Engine Land: “Need some inspiration for the topic of your next LinkedIn post? Use these tips for a nearly endless supply of content ideas. Want to publish great content on LinkedIn?  Coming up with content ideas can be a challenge. Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with the right idea. It also can be easy to talk yourself out of your own ideas. So if you’re in need of some ideas or inspiration, here are 10 quick and easy tips to come up with topics. All of the following tips were provided by various LinkedIn for Creators team members during their live What Creators Need to Know: Episode 4. I’ve summarized those for brevity and also sprinkled in a few of my own thoughts to add some context…”

How Did Guns Get So Powerful?

The New Yorker – Decade by decade, firearms have become deadlier—and tightened their grip on our collective imagination – “The guns that today’s Americans buy and sell by the millions are perfectly suited for that purpose. Civilian AR-15s differ from military versions because, in 1986, the Firearm Owners Protection Act banned the transfer or possession of… Continue Reading

Net Zero Stocktake 2022

“Assessing the status and trends of net zero target setting across countries, sub-national governments and companies. Net zero is the dominant lens through which countries, states and regions, cities and companies approach decarbonisation. With global coverage of net zero nearly universal at the national level now, the big question is whether a sufficient proportion of… Continue Reading

Why the return to the office isn’t working

Recode: “…The reasons the return to the office isn’t working out are numerous. Bosses and employees have different understandings of what the office is for, and after more than two years of working remotely, everyone has developed their own varied expectations about how best to spend their time. As more and more knowledge workers return… Continue Reading

How to buy a used car online

engadget: “…For used cars up to ten years old, the average price in March stood at $33,653, 40 percent higher than the year before. Newer used cars, those 1 to 3 years old, the average price was $41,000, up 37 percent year-over-year. “With nearly empty new car lots across the country, dealers have been holding… Continue Reading

Electronic Detritus and You

American Bar Association: “Until recently, when you died, you died—the end. Today, people can “live” on after death in places like Facebook and Instagram, among others. Your online presence doesn’t disappear when you breathe your last. Email addresses survive. Think of all the spam you’ll accumulate postmortem! Additionally, you may have many electronic files with… Continue Reading

Mandatory Student Spyware Is Creating a Perfect Storm of Human Rights Abuses

EFF: “Spyware apps were foisted on students at the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Today, long after most students have returned to in-person learning, those apps are still proliferating, and enabling an ever-expanding range of human rights abuses. In a recent Center for Democracy and Technology report, 81 percent of teachers said their schools use some form… Continue Reading

Winners of the 2022 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

The Atlantic – “Entrants in this year’s contest were invited to submit images showcasing life on Earth, and illustrating some of the many threats that our planet faces. Images from this gallery were originally published in bioGraphic, an independent magazine about nature and conservation powered by the California Academy of Sciences, and media partner of… Continue Reading