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Daily Archives: July 7, 2022

How browser cookies make people more cautious online

Fast Company: “Website cookies are online surveillance tools, and the commercial and government entities that use them would prefer people not read those notifications too closely. People who do read the notifications carefully will find that they have the option to say no to some or all cookies. The problem is, without careful attention those notifications become an annoyance and a subtle reminder that your online activity can be tracked. As a researcher who studies online surveillance, I’ve found that failing to read the notifications thoroughly can lead to negative emotions and affect what people do online…”

US water likely contains more ‘forever chemicals’ than EPA tests show

UK Guardian: “A Guardian analysis of water samples from around the United States shows that the type of water testing relied on by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is so limited in scope that it is probably missing significant levels of PFAS pollutants. The undercount leaves regulators with an incomplete picture of the extent… Continue Reading

The New Abortion Battleground

Cohen, David S. and Donley, Greer and Rebouche, Rachel, The New Abortion Battleground (February 23, 2022). 123 Columbia Law Review (2023 Forthcoming), U. of Pittsburgh Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2022-09, Temple University Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2022-05, Available at SSRN: or “This Article examines the paradigm shift that will occur if… Continue Reading