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The Living New Deal Map

This map shows New Deal public works and artworks documented by the Living New Deal. Every site is marked by a dot. Click on any dot and the panel shows what is there. For more on that site, click on Full Info. To close the panel, click on “x”. To find New Deal sites near you, tap the geolocate button at the top right and the map will zoom in to your location (if you give permission). Zoom in and out with +/- and go back to the whole country by clicking on reset . As you zoom in, dots become icons showing the function (category) of different sites.

You can search the map by place name. You can also filter specific types of sites by selecting a category or agency. Category and agency lists accordion out to finer levels. (To start over, go back to All Categories/All Agencies) Tens of thousands of New Deal public works and artworks are still to be discovered in every county, state, and territory of the USA. Many are still in use and most are not marked as New Deal…”

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