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Daily Archives: August 4, 2021

Former Harvard Law Dean Who Wants Government to Save the News Business

Washington Monthly – “In an interview, Martha Minow argues the constitution doesn’t merely allow government to keep journalism outlets afloat, but requires it…In her new book, Saving the News: Why the Constitution Calls for Government Action to Preserve Freedom of Speech, Harvard Law professor (and former dean) Martha Minow argues that government policies to keep media outlets afloat are not merely permitted under the Constitution, but mandated by it. “The guarantee of free speech and a free press in the U.S. Constitution’s much-exalted First Amendment presupposes the existence of an independent press,” Minow writes. Therefore, it’s wholly acceptable for the government to take action to secure its survival. To that end, Minow proposes stricter regulation of internet platforms and more robust government backing for struggling news organizations in the form of tax breaks and government investment in a “public internet.” I spoke with Minow recently about the threat social media platforms pose to journalism, what the government can do to support struggling newsrooms, and whether liberals and conservatives can find common ground in this area…”

The voices of women in tech are still being erased

MIT Technology Review: “TikTok’s decision to use a woman’s voice without her permission is only one recent example of a problem that some mistakenly think we’ve moved past… When we think of women in computing, we often think about how, both literally and figuratively, they have been silenced more often than they’ve been listened to.… Continue Reading

Challenges Faced by Employees with Disabilities amid the Return to In-Person Work

Bill of Health – by Doron Dorfman, Associate Professor of Law at Syracuse University College of Law: “…calls for getting back to the office raise particular quandaries for employees with disabilities, many of whom have disproportionally borne the brunt of pandemic layoffs. First, there are those who started a new job remotely during the pandemic and… Continue Reading

The Knowledge Work Demand Index

Braintrust: “Enterprises are facing an unprecedented talent gap, but are they relying on an old approach to solve it? The demand for knowledge workers is surging. COVID-19 pushed businesses to accelerate their digital transformations by as much as 6 years in the United States. Knowledge workers are driving this innovation for enterprises. In order to… Continue Reading

You Don’t Really Own the Digital Movies You Buy

The New York Times Wirecutter: “As the entertainment industry shifts its distribution strategy to let people buy or rent movies closer to—or simultaneously with—their release in theaters, you may find yourself amassing a larger digital library than you’ve had in the past. But when you buy a movie from a digital service like Amazon Prime… Continue Reading

The Difference Between Delta, Delta Plus, and Lambda

Lifehacker: “Delta Plus, a variant of a variant, is the latest strain of the COVID-causing coronavirus to hit the news. (A previously-known variant, Lambda, is also making headlines today.) Still, so far, there’s nothing to panic more about: Delta is scary enough. What’s the difference between Delta and Delta Plus? Delta is the more-transmissible strain… Continue Reading

Redfin Will Now Tell You How At-Risk Your Dream Home Is to Climate Change

Gizmodo: “It hard enough to buy a home, but the climate crisis is making it even more challenging. Will a prospective house be underwater? Catch on fire? Real estate brokerage firm Redfin is offering a new tool to assess those and other climate risks. Anyone who visits the site will soon be able to see… Continue Reading

Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America

The New York Review – “Pedestrian fatalities are rising dramatically in the US, and Angie Schmitt’s Right of Way gives a rare look at why and what might be done about it….On America’s streets, such reconsideration is sorely overdue. There is no illustration of this fact starker than our disastrous pedestrian fatality numbers. In 2010,… Continue Reading

What is the difference between current awareness and horizon scanning?

Vable: “Legal professionals are busy people. They are concerned with doing the best they can for their clients and making sure that their business runs smoothly. Trend spotting or horizon scanning isn’t necessarily at the top of their daily “to do” lists but if they want to grow the firm effectively, everyone – from trainee… Continue Reading