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How to increase the time you have to unsend an email

Verge: “Clicking on ‘Undo’ can save you from a lot of grief – If you’ve ever hit “Send” on a Gmail email and regretted it ten seconds later, you’ll know how handy — even necessary — a delayed send function can be. It could be the sudden realization that you accidentally hit “Reply all,” or a feeling that you may have sent it to the wrong contact, or that there is a misspelling somewhere in there — or, perhaps worst of all, the knowledge that you just sent off an angry missive that you probably shouldn’t have. In any of these cases, a few seconds to stop that email could keep your day from imploding….Gmail offers a standard five-second window to allow you to change your mind and unsend the email, but if you feel that you need a little more time, you can arrange it. I find it valuable to allow myself a longer time to rethink an email; while I’ve only had to stop an email from going out a few times, those few times probably saved me from, at the very least, having to send out an apologetic follow-up…”

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