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The Difference Between Delta, Delta Plus, and Lambda

Lifehacker: “Delta Plus, a variant of a variant, is the latest strain of the COVID-causing coronavirus to hit the news. (A previously-known variant, Lambda, is also making headlines today.) Still, so far, there’s nothing to panic more about: Delta is scary enough. What’s the difference between Delta and Delta Plus? Delta is the more-transmissible strain of the coronavirus that is fast becoming the dominant strain worldwide. It’s as contagious as chickenpox and substantially more contagious than ordinary colds or flu. Because it’s so contagious, measures that were enough to slow the spread of original-strain COVID seem not to be enough to stop Delta. More people need to be vaccinated to beat a more contagious virus, so masks and other safety measures need to be applied more diligently. Delta Plus is the nickname of a Delta variant with one extra mutation. That mutation was also found in the Alpha variant that was spreading earlier this year, according to the Washington Post. Reuters reported in June that this new mutation might make the virus harder for our immune system to track down and destroy…”

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