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Daily Archives: April 22, 2020

Free online course features COVID-19 insights from Johns Hopkins experts

JHU Hub: “Johns Hopkins University has launched a free online course for the general public about COVID-19 featuring experts from across the university—including those on the front lines of research and treatment—sharing the latest insights and evidence about the disease, its spread, and ways to stay healthy. Published on the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center website as the outbreak develops, the course, titled Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic, is broken into a series of lesson modules. The first module draws from the expertise of Claire Marie Filone, a virologist at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, whose research focuses on the behaviors of dangerous viruses when they infect humans and animals. The second module, released Sunday, features Jason Farley, an infectious disease-trained nurse epidemiologist from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, who discusses diagnosing, treating, and preventing COVID-19…”

This study on “accidents involving flowers” is the most beautiful thing I’ve read during the pandemic

Vox – “…I saw a new study, published in the journal New Phytologist, about the beautiful, ordinary, and profound things flowers do after suffering an injury. That is: When many flower species get knocked down, they right themselves. The individual flowers on the stalk will rotate back, as best they can, into a position ideal… Continue Reading

Changes in Grocery Shopping Habits During COVID-19

C+R Research: “With social distancing guidelines and shelter-in-place orders being implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way consumers shop for their groceries has changed. In order to limit contact, many are taking precautions such as ordering groceries through delivery apps or making less trips to the grocery store. From March 27 to March 28,… Continue Reading

European Council Council of EU Roadmap for Recovery

“The European Roadmap towards lifting of COVID-19 containment measures, charting the best way towards lifting the exceptional constraints without causing negative spill-over effects. The situation should be followed closely and there should be as much coordination as possible to meet the challenges ahead of us linked to the lifting of the restrictions, especially with regard to the… Continue Reading

2020 Global Report on Food Crises

“The 2020 edition of The Global Report on Food Crises describes the scale of acute hunger in the world. It provides an analysis of the drivers that are contributing to food crises across the globe, and examines how the COVID-19 pandemic might contribute to their perpetuation or deterioration. The report is produced by the Global… Continue Reading

ABA Legal Fact Check explores constitutional and legal limits on states’ authority

ABA – “A new ABA Legal Fact Check posted today examines constitutional and case law guiding states’ authority during a health emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The nationwide pandemic has raised numerous legal issues, including several court cases. In recent days, legal actions have included challenges to state actions in Mississippi, Kentucky and New… Continue Reading

Adding the word “Covid-19” to the dictionary only took six weeks

Coronavirus and the New Words We Added to the Dictionary in March 2020 – “A dictionary’s mission is to give accurate information about the current vocabulary of a language. Providing precise definitions, usage information, dates, etymologies, and pronunciations takes time; typically, additions to our dictionary occur in large batches a few times each year as… Continue Reading

When ‘non-essential’ is anything but

The Hill – “Demarcations of “essential” versus “non-essential” services should not prevent the growth of creative efforts to leverage “non-essential” services against the pandemic and its rippling consequences. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most local governments have decided to close their library buildings in order to ensure the safety of library staff and patrons. But libraries… Continue Reading

Celebrate the Library’s 220th Birthday with LOC Collections App

“To celebrate the 220th anniversary of its founding, the Library of Congress today announced the release of the LOC Collections app, the premiere mobile app that puts the national library’s digital collections in the hands of users everywhere. In addition to providing an easy, accessible way to search and explore the Library’s growing digital collections,… Continue Reading