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Daily Archives: April 15, 2020

U. Maryland’s new coronavirus tool grades social distancing efforts

edscoop: “Researchers from the University of Maryland announced this week they’ve developed an analytics-driven website that measures how well people in each state are complying with stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines. The tool, built by researchers in the university’s engineering department, uses anonymized and aggregated location data from mobile devices and data from the COVID-19 International Data Collaborative, a collection of data organized by the New York-based technology firm Cuebiq. The website displays daily updates going back to Jan. 1 on variables such as the percentage of people staying at home, visits to work and non-work locations, out-of-country trips, trip distance, as well as a custom “social distancing index.” The index “represents the extent residents and visitors are practicing social distancing,” with higher values indicating more compliance with regulations. As of publication, Hawaii and New Jersey top the social distancing index with scores of 83, while Idaho fills out the bottom slot with a score of 65…”

Researchers Warn of ‘Wave’ of Neurological Illness Caused by Coronavirus

Gizmodo: “The damaging effects of covid-19 will extend beyond the lungs to our brains and minds, scientists are warning. The viral disease may directly affect the nervous systems of some patients both during and post-infection, and the stress of the pandemic and its economic fallout is likely already leading to spikes in anxiety among the… Continue Reading

How much access to data should be permitted during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Harvard Law Today – Urs Gasser explores the risks and benefits of mining data to combat COVID-19: “…Privacy and data protection issues vary greatly depending on the types of data, use cases, and actors involved. And countries around the world have very different baselines and practices in place determining how such rights are protected. European… Continue Reading

How people in six countries access and rate news and information about coronavirus

Reuters Institute – Navigating the ‘infodemic’: how people in six countries access and rate news and information about coronavirus. Professor Rasmus Kleis Nielsen; Dr Richard Fletcher; Nic Newman; Dr. J. Scott Brennen; Dr Philip N. Howard. Wednesday 15 April 2020. “In this report, we use survey data collected in late March and early April 2020… Continue Reading

Senator Murray Offers Roadmap to Dramatically Expand Testing Capacity Nationwide

“Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), the top Democrat on the Senate health committee, joined Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) to outline Democrats’ new proposal to address the Trump Administration’s failure to rapidly expand testing capacity for COVID-19 in Washington state and across the country. … Continue Reading

Is Your Income Higher Now Than 10 Years Ago? It Depends On Where You Live

Report via TRAC – “Where you reside has had a major impact on the relative change in prosperity families experience as reflected in the income reported on federal 1040 income tax returns. Using the latest figures reported by the Internal Revenue Service, and comparing these to returns filed a decade earlier, some counties saw a… Continue Reading

AFI Movie Club

“In this time when we are reminded “There’s no place like home,” AFI has created a global, virtual gathering of those who love the movies. Each day’s film is accompanied by fun facts, family-friendly discussion points and material from the AFI Archive to enrich your viewing experience. We hope the AFI Movie Club brings some… Continue Reading