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Daily Archives: November 1, 2018

The complete guide to cycling to work

Quartz: “Cycling to work is often faster and cheaper than taking public transport, and, for the desk-bound among us, an opportunity for some fresh air and exercise at the start and end of the day. Cities around the world are making themselves more bike-friendly—but to benefit from that public investment, you need to get on your bike. Still, many of us remain daunted by the prospect of negotiating roads busy with motorists and pedestrians, avoiding potholes, and trying not to inhale fumes—not to mention the risk of not making it to the office in one piece. With a little planning and preparation, the commute on two wheels can be a safe alternative to the rush-hour subway (and a whole lot more fun, too). As Londoners and bike commuters, here’s our guide on how to do it right..”

Ride the City also has route-planning maps for a variety of cities across the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, and handful of other countries. Type in your start point and finish point, and it’ll offer you a safer and more pleasant route by bike…”

ABA Tech Report 2018

Technology – Budgeting and Planning, Catherine Sanders Reach – “How have lawyers been planning and budgeting for the technology of their practice? Find out all about their spending habits in this TECHREPORT. Each year the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center conducts a survey of ABA members to find out how lawyers are using… Continue Reading

Elections in America: Concerns Over Security, Divisions Over Expanding Access to Voting

Views of voting access linked to opinion on diversity in the U.S.: “With a week to go before Election Day, Americans are confident their local election authorities are up to the essential tasks of making sure that elections are run smoothly and that votes are counted accurately. Nearly nine-in-ten (89%) have confidence in poll workers… Continue Reading

Massive Project That’s Building a ‘Google Earth for Human Health’

SingularityHub: “In the medical study Hall of Fame, the Framingham Heart Study takes the throne. An ongoing project that’s spanned three generations and almost 70 years, the Heart study was an early attempt to track factors and behaviors that increase heart disease risks. Find and eliminate the culprits, lower a population’s chances of dying from… Continue Reading

Days after synagogue massacre, online hate is thriving

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — “A website popular with racists that was used by the man charged in the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre was shut down within hours of the slaughter, but it hardly mattered: Anti-Semites and racists who hang out in such havens just moved to other online forums. On Wednesday, four days after 11 people… Continue Reading

Americans Are Easy Marks for Russian Trolls, According to New Data

A Daily Beast analysis of Twitter data shows the Kremlin troll farm’s English-language propaganda is nine times more effective than its disinformation in Russian: “You don’t need to read the federal indictments to spot the moment Russia began targeting the United States with its army of internet trolls. Just chart the American flag emoji. Best… Continue Reading

Freedom on the Net 2018: The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism

Freedom House: Fake news, data collection, and the challenge to democracy – “The internet is growing less free around the world, and democracy itself is withering under its influence. Disinformation and propaganda disseminated online have poisoned the public sphere. The unbridled collection of personal data has broken down traditional notions of privacy. And a cohort… Continue Reading