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ABA Tech Report 2018

Technology – Budgeting and Planning, Catherine Sanders Reach – “How have lawyers been planning and budgeting for the technology of their practice? Find out all about their spending habits in this TECHREPORT. Each year the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center conducts a survey of ABA members to find out how lawyers are using technology in the practice nationwide. The ABA Legal Technology Survey Report is split into five volumes: “Technology Basics & Security,” “Law Office Technology,” “Online Research,” “Web & Communication Technology,” “Litigation Technology & E-discovery,” and “Mobile Lawyers.” The published results represent one of the most comprehensive technology surveys of lawyers available. The survey is particularly adept at capturing responses from the solo and small firm demographics—the largest segment of the legal marketplace. In the “Technology Basics & Security” volume, which covers technology planning and budgeting, 32% of the respondents are in solo practice and 32% are in firms with 2-9 attorneys. In this overview of the results from law firm budgeting and planning, we will see where the solo and small firms differ from the average and where they don’t…”


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