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The complete guide to cycling to work

Quartz: “Cycling to work is often faster and cheaper than taking public transport, and, for the desk-bound among us, an opportunity for some fresh air and exercise at the start and end of the day. Cities around the world are making themselves more bike-friendly—but to benefit from that public investment, you need to get on your bike. Still, many of us remain daunted by the prospect of negotiating roads busy with motorists and pedestrians, avoiding potholes, and trying not to inhale fumes—not to mention the risk of not making it to the office in one piece. With a little planning and preparation, the commute on two wheels can be a safe alternative to the rush-hour subway (and a whole lot more fun, too). As Londoners and bike commuters, here’s our guide on how to do it right..”

Ride the City also has route-planning maps for a variety of cities across the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, and handful of other countries. Type in your start point and finish point, and it’ll offer you a safer and more pleasant route by bike…”

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