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Saving Tweets on Internet Archive – Save Page Now

The Verge: “…Mark Graham – Director, Internet Archive Wayback Machine – …So we archive some tweets — not all of them and not even nearly most of them — but we do archive tens of millions of tweets every week, and we archive them from a variety of sources. For example, there’s a service on the Wayback Machine called “Save Page Now,” and anyone can go to, and they can put a URL into the Save Page Now feature, and they can archive that URL. That’s used actually tens of millions of times a week to archive individual URLs, many of which are tweets. In addition to that, though, we do also archive tweets from various feeds. People have constructed their own lists of tweets to archive, and then there are other feeds that we also follow. In addition to archiving individual tweets, we archive the URLs that are in tweets so that can be a webpage that’s referred to in a tweet. It could be a YouTube video, for example. So as a result of us parsing URLs in tweets, we actually archive several hundred thousand YouTube videos every single week…”

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