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Emotional Intelligence and Lawyers—an Old New Frontier

Law Practice Today: Emotional Intelligence and Lawyers—an Old New Frontier – “…Still think that EQ is too soft? Or that you either have “it” or you don’t? Neuroscience supports the concept that emotions start in our brains. A few years ago I enrolled in an online course through Coursera, Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, in which Case Western Reserve University Professor Richard Boyatzis walked us through the science behind resonant leadership, and introduced me to such topics as emotional contagion and the physiological reasons why strategies for renewal after stressful events are so critical. As Amy Brann summarizes in her 2016 article, The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence, while there are instinctive responses to emotions leading to certain behaviors, other areas of our brain (from which we get reasoning and decision making) can help override these responses. More importantly, this is a skill that can be learned and developed over time; a skill that I strongly believe all future lawyers need to develop…”

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