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Journalists Toolbox

Journalist’s Toolbox – Mike Reilley: “One of my favorite new AI copy-editing tools is Headline Hero, which suggests headlines based on story copy you paste into its web-based interfact.  The free tool is built by Newsifier,  a specialized and AI-powered CMS for news publishers and includes scaled hosting and updated front-end design. It lets you… Continue Reading

The Truth About Hallucinations in Legal Research AI: How to Avoid Them and Trust Your Sources

Rebecca Fordon – AI Law Librarians – “Hallucinations in generative AI are not a new topic. If you watch the news at all (or read the front page of the New York Times), you’ve heard of the two New York attorneys who used ChatGPT to create fake cases entire cases and then submitted them to… Continue Reading

Data Commons is using AI to make the world’s public data more accessible and helpful

Google Paper on Data Commons, September 12, 2023: “Publicly available data from open sources (e.g., United States Census Bureau (Census) [1], World Health Organization (WHO) [2], Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) [3]) are vital resources for policy makers, students and researchers across different disciplines. Combining data from different sources requires the user to reconcile… Continue Reading

You Should Worry About the Data Retailers Collect About You

The Atlantic [free to read]: “…Smartphones gave stores even more refined information about their customers, facilitating new kinds of in-store spying that most people probably don’t even know exists. Mousetrap-size radio transmitters called beacons ping off apps on your phone and can track your location down to the inch inside a store, giving retailers granular… Continue Reading

How to finally ditch Chrome and move all your data and bookmarks to another browser

PopSci: “The latest version of Google Chrome introduced new settings that have raised privacy concerns. Google says these tools “give you more choice over the ads you see,” which sounds nice. But it’s also a jargony way to say the browser will track your web surfing and share some of your data with advertisers so… Continue Reading

Uncovering Similarities in News Organisations’ AI Guidelines

Oxford Internet Institute: “In the ever-evolving landscape of news reporting, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently taken centre stage. A significant catalyst for this transformation was the public debut of ChatGPT, a Large Language Model (LLM) by US-based OpenAI, in November 2022. This development has prompted many news organisations to turn their attention… Continue Reading

Historical newspaper articles

Jeremy Singer-Vine, Data is Plural: Melissa Dell et al.’s American Stories dataset contains the text of ~400 million newspaper articles, extracted from ~20 million public-domain scans in the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America project (DIP 2017.08.16). To construct the dataset, the authors built “a novel deep learning pipeline that incorporates layout detection, legibility classification, custom… Continue Reading

Google Dropped the ChatGPT killler!?

Steve Nouri, LinkedIn – Google Dropped the ChatGPT killler!? Microsoft announced a game-changer(PyEx). How to teach using AI and more: Google dropped the new AI-powered assistant (#chatgpt rival). Duet AI assistant across its Workspace apps: Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs, etc. It assists users in various tasks, such as converting a Docs outline into a Slides… Continue Reading

The Atlantic’s Guide to Privacy

The Atlantic’s Guide to Privacy [read free]: “In 2023, digital privacy is, in many ways, a fiction: Knowingly or not, we are all constantly streaming, beaming, being surveilled, scattering data wherever we go. Companies, governments, and our fellow citizens know more than we could ever imagine about our body, our shopping habits, even our kids.… Continue Reading

Z-Library Opens ‘Z-Points’ Around the World to Share Paper Books

Torrent Freak: “Z-Library, which is commonly known as a pirate ebook repository, has opened up 11 physical book distribution points around the world. From the United States to South Sudan, there are Z-Points in every inhabited continent. The ultimate goal is to broaden the library’s scope to the physical realm, further promoting book sharing. With… Continue Reading