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Mozilla launches Facebook Pixel Hunt

“In a collaboration between journalists at The Markup and Mozilla researchers, this study seeks to map Facebook’s pixel tracking network and understand the kinds of information it collects on sites across the web. The Markup will use the data collected in this study to create investigative journalism around the kinds of information Facebook collects about… Continue Reading

Pete Recommends Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, January 9, 2022

Via LLRX – Pete Recommends Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, January 9, 2022 – Privacy and cybersecurity issues impact every aspect of our lives – home, work, travel, education, health and medical records – to name but a few. On a weekly basis Pete Weiss highlights articles and information that focus on the increasingly… Continue Reading

Remote Work Proves the Firm Library Is More Than a Physical Space

Via LLRX – Remote Work Proves the Firm Library Is More Than a Physical Space – Marshall Voizard is a law firm reference supervisor. He shares significant insights into the profession in the time of COVID. Voizard states that the past 18 months have accelerated positive changes, illustrating to all that the library is no… Continue Reading

Surveillance Publishing

Surveillance Publishing – Posted by John Baez – “Björn Brembs recently explained how “massive over-payment of academic publishers has enabled them to buy surveillance technology covering the entire workflow that can be used not only to be combined with our private data and sold, but also to make algorithmic (aka ‘evidenceled’) employment decisions.” Reading about… Continue Reading

LOCO: The 88-million-word language of conspiracy corpus

Miani, A., Hills, T. & Bangerter, A. LOCO: The 88-million-word language of conspiracy corpus. [free full text PDF] Behav Res (2021). “The spread of online conspiracy theories represents a serious threat to society. To understand the content of conspiracies, here we present the language of conspiracy (LOCO) corpus. LOCO is an 88-million-token corpus composed… Continue Reading

Privacy myths busted: Protecting your mobile privacy is even harder than you think

CNET – “With increasingly invasive digital surveillance from advertisers and law enforcement over the past few years, securing your mobile phone from privacy threats in 2022 should be a key resolution. But don’t stop short. Changing a few settings in your phone and apps isn’t enough. To get the most privacy, the key ingredient to… Continue Reading

NewsGuard Misinformation Monitor January 2022

NewsGuard: “…Of the 113 U.S. websites that NewsGuard found were spreading election misinformation in the immediate aftermath of the 2020 presidential vote and that are still active, 81 percent have continued to spread false claims about the election, including about the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, a NewsGuard analysis has found.  The problem… Continue Reading

Parler and the Road to the Capitol Attack Investigating Alt-Tech Ties to January 6

New America: “The January 6, 2021 mob assault on the U.S. Capitol exposed deep fissures between Americans and shook the very foundations of the country. The violence that day and the tech industry’s response to the tsunami of polarizing content triggered a major public debate over how social media and tech companies manage their platforms… Continue Reading

A Year After Capitol Riot, Facebook Remains an Extremist Breeding Ground

Technology Transparency Project: “A year ago, Facebook tried to wash its hands of responsibility for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, despite the fact that, as the Tech Transparency Project (TTP) documented, its platform was a prime tool for organizing the rally and spreading the conspiracy theories and militant extremism that drove the rioters. Now, as… Continue Reading

Facebook Hosted Surge of Misinformation and Insurrection Threats in Months Leading Up to Jan. 6 Attack

“A ProPublica/Washington Post analysis of Facebook posts, internal company documents and interviews, provides the clearest evidence yet that the social media giant played a critical role in spreading lies that fomented the violence of Jan. 6… Facebook groups swelled with at least 650,000 posts attacking the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory between Election Day and… Continue Reading