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Daily Archives: June 26, 2023

Video Game Law

Lemley, Mark A. and Maitra, Sonali, Video Game Law (June 1, 2023). Available at SSRN: or

“This is the complete text of Video Game Law: An Open Access Casebook, the first law school casebook to cover video game law. It includes chapters on the history of video games, copyright, patents, trademarks, the right of publicity, censorship and the First Amendment, torts, virtual property and contract, interoperability, reverse-engineering and antitrust, and the business of games.”

The Dobbs Divide

Five Thirty Eight – “Percentage change in the number of abortions per month, compared to the average monthly abortions before Dobbs (April and May 2022), through March 2023 by state: “New estimates provided exclusively to FiveThirtyEight by #WeCount — a national research project led by the Society of Family Planning, a nonprofit that supports research… Continue Reading

Z-Library Releases Tor-Enabled Desktop Launcher to Improve ‘Accessibility

TF: “Pirate ebook repository Z-Library has released a dedicated desktop application that should make it easier to access the site going forward. The service is at the center of a criminal crackdown and has lost hundreds of domain names, which in part triggered the development of this new software. Over the years, Z-Library established itself… Continue Reading

5 Novel RSS Reader Apps to Change How You Get News Feeds and Updates

Make Use Of: “From AI summaries and ChatGPT queries of your RSS feeds to minimalist and privacy-friendly apps, you need to check out these cool new RSS readers. When it comes to RSS readers, the conversation usually boils down to Feedly vs. Flipboard. But there are several other new options worth checking out, as they… Continue Reading

Maps Distort How We See the World

Unchartered Territories: “Maps twist our perception of the world. Countries closer to the equator—which happen to be poorer —seem smaller than they are. This is because the world is a 3D sphere, but maps are 2D projections on a plane. That means distortion. So we develop a poor intuition for comparative region sizes. The biggest… Continue Reading

National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee Releases First Report

“NAIAC’s work supports the Biden-Harris administration’s ongoing efforts to advance a comprehensive approach to AI-related risks and opportunities. Congress directs the NAIAC to submit a report to the President and Congress after the first year, and then again every three years, to provide the Committee’s findings and recommendations on the National AI Initiative. Congress has… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Narrows Federal Jurisdiction Under Clean Water Act

CRS Legal Sidebar Supreme Court Narrows Federal Jurisdiction Under Clean Water Act June 21, 2023 – On May 25, 2023, the Supreme Court decided Sackett v. EPA, a case with significant implications for the scope of federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act (CWA). While the Court unanimously agreed that the lower court applied the wrong… Continue Reading