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Daily Archives: June 8, 2023

A Map of AI for Education

We introduce a new map of the current state-of-the-art: “One morning shortly after Thanksgiving, 2022, we woke up to discover that technological capability had advanced by five years while we were sleeping. It took another week or two for us to realize it, but that event, the launch of ChatGPT, may have a more far-reaching effect on K-12 education than on any other sector of life. In normal times, technology advances in step with its application, with the user experience, the interactions that unfold in and out of the classroom. Whiteboards become smart boards. But 2022–23 feels more like a dislocation. How will these remarkable advances emerge into the experience of students and teachers? We want to map that landscape in its earliest stage and watch how it evolves. Many of the possibilities we describe in more detail below are unexplored, while others have been substantially investigated by startups, researchers, and — as Ethan Mollick, a professor at Wharton, has emphasized — individual students and educators experimenting. It’s not easy to predict, but two paths seem possible. The first is what has almost always happened to new technology in the classroom: it rearranges the furniture. Laptops become expensive slide projectors. Personalized instruction winds up meaning worksheets with garish dashboards added. It was recently estimated that the average teacher uses 86 such tools regularly. The second path is that the inefficiency and dullness of the industrial way of schooling begin to disappear. Many of the teaching practices that learning science has shown to be most effective — such as active learning and frequent feedback — and most engaging for students — such as role play and project work — require significant time most teachers just don’t have. Could that change if every teacher had an assistant, a sort of copilot in the work of taking a class of students (with varying backgrounds, levels of engagement, and readiness-to-learn) from wherever they start to highly skilled, competent, and motivated young people? We will see.…”Compiled by Laurence Holt and Jacob Klein. Laurence is based in New York and has spent the last two decades leading innovation teams in for-profit and nonprofit K-12 organizations. Jacob is an edtech product leader, advisor, and entrepreneur based in Oakland, California. Special thanks to Doug Jaffe for review.”

Generative AI Product Preview: Westlaw Precision

“Thomson Reuters is incorporating generative AI capabilities enterprise-wide to provide customers with a more conversational experience, intuitive automation, time savings and a significantly improved user experience. Integrating this new technology will transform Thomson Reuters solutions and enable customers to get their work done faster. Thomson Reuters is prioritizing its legal product suite, including Westlaw Precision,… Continue Reading

Microsoft Is Bringing OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI model to US Government Agencies

Bloomberg [free link] “Microsoft Corp. will make it possible for users of its Azure Government cloud computing service, which include a variety of US agencies, to access artificial intelligence models from ChatGPT creator OpenAI. Microsoft, which is the largest investor in OpenAI and uses its technology to power its Bing chatbot, plans to announce Wednesday… Continue Reading

I just bought the only physical encyclopedia still in print, and I regret nothing

Ars Technica: The still-updated World Book Encyclopedia is my antidote to the information apocalypse. “These days, many of us live online, where machine-generated content has begun to pollute the Internet with misinformation and noise. At a time when it’s hard to know what information to trust, I felt delight when I recently learned that World… Continue Reading

A Democracy Crisis In The Making: June 2023 Edition

States United Democracy Center, Democracy Foward, Law Forward report – A Democracy Crisis In The Making: June 2023 Edition: Key Takeaways: 38 states are considering 185 bills that would make it easier to overturn the will of the voters — and harder for trusted election officials to do their jobs. At least eight states have… Continue Reading

Trump Indicted in Mar-a-Lago Probe

Washington Post – Here are the charges against Trump and what they mean LawFare: “A grand jury in South Florida has reportedly indicted former President Donald Trump in connection with the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation. The indictment is under seal, but it apparently includes seven counts involving improper retention of classified material and conspiracy to obstruct… Continue Reading

What City Birds Around the World Have in Common

The Revelator – How a study of so-called “trash birds” revealed conservation clues for urban species. “Why do some bird species seem to flourish alongside humans, eating our crumbs and nesting in our backyards, while others prefer to live as far as possible from dense human populations? Researcher Monte Neate-Clegg first began to ponder that… Continue Reading

ProPublica Adds More Than a Million New Records to Nonprofit Explorer

“The IRS finally resolved its delay in publishing new nonprofit tax records, and we’ve added them to our database. ProPublica has added more than a million new tax records for tax-exempt organizations to Nonprofit Explorer, making it easier to assess the finances of charities operating across the nation. The update includes more than 900,000 filings… Continue Reading

New Website Maps Out 32,000 Infrastructure Projects

White House Launches, Highlights Record Public and Private Investment in Communities Under President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda: “..the White House launched, a new website showing the historic public and private sector investments President Biden’s Investing in America agenda is bringing to states and territories across America. features an interactive map showing infrastructure… Continue Reading

Global greenhouse gas emissions at all-time high, study finds

The Guardian – Scientists say world is burning through ‘carbon budget’ that can be emitted while staying below 1.5C: “Greenhouse gas emissions have reached an all-time high, threatening to push the world into “unprecedented” levels of global heating, scientists have warned. The world is rapidly running out of “carbon budget”, the amount of carbon dioxide… Continue Reading