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Daily Archives: February 9, 2023

5 New Web Search Apps to Make Google Better or Replace Google

Make Use Of: “Google is the biggest web search engine in the world. But the web keeps changing, and you need tools to find the right content quickly, when Google can’t. These new search apps offer different ways to make Google better. Some augment search results with ChatGPT or social media searches, while others offer features that Google has discarded or never offered…”

Mastodon for writers/readers

Robert Kingett – BlindJournalist: “I finally did it. I deleted Twitter completely. I requested my data] (, move completely to the Fediverse, and checked to see who I follow is on the Fediverse at large. Shockingly, more than half my followers and almost all of my friends have made the switch. I started using social… Continue Reading

Supreme Court justices discussed, but did not agree on, code of conduct

Washington Post: “…It remains an active topic at the court, these people said, and the court’s legal counsel Ethan Torrey prepared a working document of issues for them to consider. There is no timeline for the justices to act, however. Those familiar with the matter spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the situation.… Continue Reading

Audible reckoning: How top political podcasters spread unsubstantiated and false claims

Brookings: “Using a combination of analytical methods – including natural language processing, machine learning, and manual classifying – this research provided the first overarching assessment of the role that popular political podcasting plays in spreading unsubstantiated and false claims. These podcasters, who span the political spectrum, make up the mainstream of the medium and regularly… Continue Reading

Far-right judges are crafting a theory that would empower courts to strike down trillions of dollars in federal spending

Slate: “…During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Joe Biden criticized Republicans for proposing to “sunset” Medicare and Social Security every five years. In response, many Republican lawmakers booed the president, prompting him to quip, “So, folks, as we all apparently agree: Social Security and Medicare is off the books now.” Perhaps… Continue Reading

ChatGPT Is a Blurry JPEG of the Web

The New Yorker – OpenAI’s chatbot offers paraphrases, whereas Google offers quotes. Which do we prefer? By Ted Chiang: “…The resemblance between a photocopier and a large-language model might not be immediately apparent—but consider the following scenario. Imagine that you’re about to lose your access to the Internet forever. In preparation, you plan to create… Continue Reading

Layoffs are making LinkedIn the new hot social network

Vox: “…In the past several months, as changing economic conditions, overhiring, and stock market drops have led to mass layoffs in tech, media, and other industries, vulnerability is having a moment on LinkedIn. It’s true that, early in the pandemic, many people turned to LinkedIn to share stories about how lockdown was negatively impacting their… Continue Reading