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Reviewers Are Stunned at How Good Bing Is

Newser – “Kevin Roose is a tech columnist for the New York Times, and he’s as surprised as you are that he concludes his latest column like so: “I’m switching my desktop computer’s default search engine to Bing. And Google, my default source of information for my entire adult life, is going to have to fight to get me back.” Roose is among the tech writers who’ve been given an advance look at a new and improved Bing, Microsoft’s long-ridiculed search engine. The company has integrated search with artificial intelligence and yes, there are glitches in the early going (as with Google’s rollout of its own AI search tool). “But fixating on the areas where these tools fall short risks missing what’s so amazing about what they get right,” writes Roose. Bing (Yes, Bing) Just Made Search Interesting Again Google has stiff competition now, after Microsoft integrated powerful A.I. technology into its search engine…” [h/t Pete Weiss]

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