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Daily Archives: May 25, 2022

Brussels is growing fruit and vegetables on the roofs of supermarket “Over 60 species of plants are being cultivated on the rooftop garden of a Brussels supermarket, as part of a project financed by the European Union. The Lagum Project is experimenting with the idea of an urban garden and wants to determine whether they are sustainable or not. Since March, more than 2 tonnes of fruit and vegetables have been harvested. “We look into the agronomic part of the research, but also we look about the multi-functionality of these kinds of projects. So there is production, yes, but there is also training, and awareness, and cohesion of the social neighbourhood,” Francisco Davila, a researcher at the agroecology lab of Vrije Universiteit, told Euronews…”

2022 Fortune 500 List

“This is the 68th edition of our annual ranking of America’s largest companies, and it was a blowout year for the companies featured—despite rising inflation, the ongoing supply chain crisis, and the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, the 500 corporations on this year’s list generated a record $16.1 trillion in revenue and $1.8… Continue Reading

Disability vs The Working Place: Which One Is The Disability?

Via LLRX – Disability vs The Working Place: Which One Is The Disability? – “This is a profound insight from this super-powerful TEDx talk by Lesa Bradley on discrimination in the workplace: Your workers don’t actually have a disability until you place them in a context that disables them. This talk speaks about inclusivity of… Continue Reading

8 reasons to ditch Chrome and switch to Firefox

PCWorld: “Chrome may be the most used browser, but it isn’t necessarily the best one out there. Alternatives exist that could better meet your needs. One such option is Firefox. It’s a rare browser not based on Chromium, the project that powers Chrome, unlike other rivals like Edge or Opera. It’s also backed by a… Continue Reading – resource of real-time infectious disease data

Global Health – A Data Science Initiative: “Our COVID-19 dataset contains detailed information on over 100 million anonymized cases from over 100 countries. is the first of its kind, easy-to-use global repository and visualization platform that enables open access to real-time de-identified epidemiological line-list case data. This platform was created by researchers from leading institutions… Continue Reading