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Daily Archives: May 19, 2022

Science Education in an Age of Misinformation

Osborne, J., Pimentel, D., Alberts, B., Allchin, D., Barzilai, S., Bergstrom, C., Coffey, J., Donovan,
Science Education in an Age of Misinformation. Stanford University, Stanford, CA: “Misinformation is a grave threat to science. In this report, generated by an international group of leading scientists and education researchers, we outline the nature of that threat along with why it is important and how it can be addressed…Living in an age of misinformation, two things must be done to address this challenge. First, scientists and both formal and informal science educators must contribute to building the knowledge and capabilities required for digital media and information literacy, particularly in the sciences. Second, they must develop an understanding of the importance of consensus in science and, in addition, the social practices the scientific community uses to vet knowledge claims to produce trustworthy knowledge. Currently, science education from elementary to undergraduate rarely, if ever, explains to its students how the sciences ensure that the knowledge they produce can be trusted. This omission does science a disservice and enables misinformation to spread, providing a space for the purveyors of disinformation to undermine the authority and legitimacy of reliable scientific knowledge. In this report, therefore, we lay out how science education can meet its responsibility to provide all students with the competences needed to navigate this sea of false and questionable information without becoming lost, confused, and, more importantly, deceived…”

8 Best Free Online Music Streaming Services With No Limitations

MakeUseOf: “Finding a completely unlimited music listening experience can be a real challenge. Most music streaming services offer free and paid tiers, but place restrictions on the features available in the free plan. Spotify’s free package, for example, doesn’t offer the highest quality audio and only lets you listen on shuffle when using mobile. If… Continue Reading

A wild new court decision would blow up much of the government’s ability to operate

Vox: “The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued yet another astonishing decision on Wednesday. Jarkesy v. SEC seeks to dismantle much of the system the federal government uses to enforce longstanding laws and to determine who is eligible for federal benefits. And it does so in defiance of numerous Supreme Court… Continue Reading

How to Stay Informed Without Getting Paralyzed by Bad News

Wired – “Every time we look at our phones, it seems something terrible has happened. Here’s how to monitor current events in a healthy way…Although technology can produce bad-news paralysis, online tools can also help you make productive contributions within your various roles. As an organization junkie who juggles four part-time jobs with college classes… Continue Reading

$2 Trillion, or 70%, Pandemic Wealth Gain of Nation’s 740 Richest

Americans For Tax Fairness: “American billionaires saw their collective net worth climb by $2 trillion, or 70%, during the first two years of the pandemic to a staggering $5 trillion, according to Forbes data analyzed by Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF). [See table below and all data here] But none of that wealth growth—the main… Continue Reading

This Norwegian Area Is Being Remade by Climate Change

Outside: “Tiny Svalbard, Norway, is the newest front line in the war against climate change. The archipelago, located just east of Greenland, has experienced record high temperatures in both the summer and winter in recent years. According to The New York Times, the warming is having a dramatic impact on the region’s economy—specifically its reliance… Continue Reading

Human Rights, and Algorithmic Opacity

Lu, Sylvia Si-Wei, Data Privacy, Human Rights, and Algorithmic Opacity (May 6, 2022). California Law Review, Vol. 110, 2022 Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: “Decades ago, it was difficult to imagine a reality in which artificial intelligence (AI) could penetrate every corner of our lives to monitor our innermost selves for commercial interests. Within a… Continue Reading

Overview of the SEC Climate Risk Disclosure Proposed Rule

CRS Insight: Overview of the SEC Climate Risk Disclosure Proposed Rule, May 17, 2022 “On March 21, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted 3-1 to issue sweeping proposed climate-related disclosure rules for public companies. In issuing the proposed rules, the SEC cited its existing statutory authorities under the federal securities laws— specifically, the… Continue Reading

The Best Time to Buy Cars, Appliances, and Other Things That Have Been Hit Hard by Inflation

Lifehacker – If you can’t necessarily shop cheap, you might as well shop smart. “2022 has been a rough year for the average consumer’s wallet. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the United States is facing an 8.3% increase in inflation in the last twelve months, affecting nearly every industry. Since wages have not… Continue Reading