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Daily Archives: July 29, 2021

LC Upcoming US Law Webinars – August 2021

In Custodia Legis: [In August 2021], the Law Library of Congress will present a webinar on federal statutes. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the legislative process and how to trace federal statutes from their publication in the U.S. Code to their origins as bills. Participants will also learn about the difference between public and private laws, how to conduct research using free online resources, and other useful tips and tricks. Also in August, Law Library staff will host a webinar discussing The presentation will feature some of’s functions, as well as recent updates to the site. More information about the content of both webinars and registration links..”

New Browse, Updated Bill Alerts, and More: New, Tip, and Top for July 2021

In Custodia Legis: “Earlier this month, Margaret shared the exciting news that we added bills and resolutions from 1799-1873 to There was also a press release to highlight this new feature of content from Century of Lawmaking. We previously added Key Word in Context (KWIC) to Legislative Text on the Quick Search Form. With… Continue Reading

48 Advocacy Groups Call on the FTC to Ban Amazon Surveillance

Vice: “…While a number of firms offer networked surveillance devices to try and make homes “smart,” the coalition uses Amazon as a case study into how dangerous corporate surveillance can become (and the sorts of abuses that can emerge) when in the hands of a dominant and anti-competitive firm. From Amazon’s Ring—which has rolled out… Continue Reading

New Actions to Get More Americans Vaccinated and Slow the Spread of the Delta Variant

White House Fact Sheet: “Six months into the Biden Administration’s vaccination effort, 164 million Americans are fully vaccinated, including 80 percent of seniors and more than 60 percent of adults. This is significant progress, and as a result, the country and economy are in a stronger position than January 2021. We are now faced with… Continue Reading

She risked everything to expose Facebook. Now she’s telling her story.

MIT Technology Review: “The world first learned of Sophie Zhang in September 2020, when BuzzFeed News obtained and published highlights from an abridged version of her nearly 8,000-word exit memo from Facebook. Before she was fired, Zhang was officially employed as a low-level data scientist at the company. But she had become consumed by a… Continue Reading

Americans added a few hundred million smart devices to their homes in 2020

Marketplace – And they’re learning a lot about us. “Back in 2014, when the Echo and its virtual assistant Alexa made their debut, it was called a “Star Trek computer for the home.” Over this past year, our homes have become our own personal Starship Enterprises, as more of us have turned to smart devices… Continue Reading

Legal support staffing must be addressed by law firms to successfully transition to hybrid working

“This month BigHand released the findings from the largest legal survey of its kind – with over 900 respondents from legal professionals in North America, the UK and APAC with roles across Operations, HR, Support Services, Resource Management and Practice Group Leaders. When we first assessed the results, the main thing that struck me was… Continue Reading

Senate Bill Aims to Create National Database of Restrictive Property Covenants

WSJ (paywall – see alternative full text): “A new bill backed by a slate of Senate Democrats would allocate competitive grants to colleges and universities to analyze, digitize and map historic housing discrimination records, creating the first national database of its kind. The focus of the effort is to research covenants attached to housing deeds,… Continue Reading