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New Browse, Updated Bill Alerts, and More: New, Tip, and Top for July 2021

In Custodia Legis: “Earlier this month, Margaret shared the exciting news that we added bills and resolutions from 1799-1873 to There was also a press release to highlight this new feature of content from Century of Lawmaking. We previously added Key Word in Context (KWIC) to Legislative Text on the Quick Search Form. With today’s release we have added it to the Congressional Record on the same form. One thing that is great about this is you can also see where your search term in context as it shows up in the PDFs of the Bound Congressional Record. We also continue to keep adding to the Bound Congressional Record collection and now go back to the 69th Congress (1925-1927). As we have been working on adding the Bound Congressional Record and the Statutes at Large to, we have also been updating the Browse page for both items. The Statutory Citation has been added to the Public Law Browse…”

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